Friday, April 15, 2011

Waiting is hard

  The babies come over on Thursdays, we play, then dinner, and a little more play, sometimes a bath, before bed.  Mike & Sarah their parents, are off at choir. This has been going on for sometime now. The dogs know when you say the babies are coming, whats going to happen they get excited. They especially get excited when it's dinner time for the babies, although they have to wait to get in the kitchen, they wait, cause they get what the babies drop on the floor, and with 3 babies they drop enough for all the dogs. they usually hang out right at the gate waiting. Jake likes to whine, I think, he thinks it will get him in the kitchen faster. Last night they all just kinda laid down and waited, well  long enough for this picture.
                                        THEY ARE GOOD DOGS

 We heard from Chris last night, I think I got this right. He's been sitting in reception  for 17 days now, and from what he says, reception is the most boring place on earth. They told him it should be today, Friday,  that basic training will actually start for him, he's been assigned to be a,
                      mortar men 11 charlie
 Which adds 2 more weeks to graduation from boot camp, but he don't care he's just so ready to really start being Army. 
                             GOOD LUCK CHRIS. WE LOVE YOU.

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  1. This is wonder ful, I dont know anything about blogging, but it reminds ne of A journal. Love it Debbie