Monday, April 11, 2011

The Boys

      I figure that Elvis & Jake have to know they are brothers.
                   THEY DO EVERY THING TOGETHER.

  They all 4 kinda do things together, like tug of war every now and then, or just running around in the back yard barking all together and hanging out at dinner time together, or all laying around sleeping, but Elvis and Jake really do everything together. They often look like a 2 headed monster it's really weird. Betty can go out and Elvis could care less, Jake might will follow her out to see whats up, maybe lay out in the sun with her for a few minutes, but then goes off looking for Elvis, Lucy same thing, except Elvis likes to follow Lucy out to see where she gonna drop his favorite poop bars, and Jake follows him, lucky for us Jake doesn't like Lucy's poop bars, but than they could care less,and go off  together. When one of the boys go out the other always goes,  they play together, sleep, run, get in Pete's lap, bark at things, lick the kitchen floor, the only thing Jake does that Elvis does not do is get in the pond area or the turtle enclosure, and only because Elvis can't jump the fences. Elvis is not a jumper, he's kinda clumsy. However Elvis will come get me, to let me know Jakes in the pond or turtle enclosure, kinda like a big brother telling on him, it's cute

  They look alike they both have very little fur, some times I put sun block on them, better to be safe than sorry I think. They don't mind it, they kinda like licking it off. I oh well at least I try. Elvis is bigger than Jake. Elvis looks a lot like his dad, he has a big barrel chest. Jake looks like his mama, still has a barrel chest, just not as big as. Elvis wears a black collar, Jake wears a green one now. Jakes had a few, we had to find the right one for him.

They each have a little mark on their faces I call their birth marks, it's a tiny and I'm talking tiny, white hair that blends in so well on their faces most wouldn't see it, I kiss them a lot in the face. Elvis's is on the right side of his nose, and Jake is above his right eye.
 They are really good looking boys.

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