Monday, April 4, 2011


 I will start with Lucy, or Lucy Goose, or Goose,  she is the oldest, she's 11yrs old, and I think she feels every bit of 11most of the time.
 She still has some pup left in her, especially at dinner time when she runs down the hall to get in front of you for dinner, or when they all line up at the door to race out for what I think is a race to get to the yard first,but i'm not sure.
 Lucy is allergic, something outside makes her very itchy. Roses really seem to trigger her itching, good thing we got rid of those bushes. For about 10 and half years she itched like crazy, we gave her Benadryl, or Prednisone, nothing really worked. When we got Jake 6 months ago he was taking fish oil pills, to help his skin.We gave them to all the dogs, of course the vet has always said try fish oil pills we just never did. Oh my god  FISH OIL PILLS ARE AMAZING, why didn't we try them sooner? SORRY Lucy. Her itching has almost gone away.
 The thing Lucy struggles with these day are her elbows. The vet says not really anything you can do. Man are they yucky at times. I don't know what makes them get bad or get better, it seems very random. I buy baby socks at the dollar store, and cut the toes out, I put a little gauze over the yucky, put the sock on over her elbow, put a little stretchy tape on, and that seems to help a little. She does not seem to mind it. She also seems to be loosing her hair, poor thing, it's bad enough that she always seems to smell, even after a bath. I not sure why other than she is 11yrs old, she is very healthy other than the normal stiff joints every now and then. The hair on her tail seems to be going the fastest, I think the Prednisone helped that along.

 I made her a bed to get her up off the floor, Funny she loves it and doesn't really let the other dogs get on it, she likes it when you make the blankets comfy also. She spends a lot of her time hangin out in that bed. She's A Good Girl.

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  1. I love reading your posts! Maybe its just because I love these dogs all so much. You crack me up too. Thanks for the daily entertainment :) Keep it coming! You might inspire us to blog a little more often ;)