Thursday, April 14, 2011

Run Betty Run

    Well Chris has been gone for almost 3 weeks now, left for the Army. I miss him so much.
 Chris is Betty's chose one, and when he was home, he'd take Betty running with him. Betty is a big girl, and she likes her sleep, but since Chris left, the only exercise she has gotten, being walked around the block with Lucy, after Pete runs the boys. So far she's been okay with that, but she could use more. Two nights ago, Pete decided to take her running. This would be no big deal if Elvis & Jake didn't think they are the only ones that get to run with Pete. So, we came up with a plan. It involved 3 of us. First Pete went out the garage and put a leash on the side yard. Pete then would go to the bed room, shut the door and get ready, his running shoes triggers commotion with the boys. He then sneaks out the garage and waits for Betty. I would distract the boys with loading the dishwasher,something they don't like to miss, good lickings there. Tom then can get Betty outside to Pete. Worked like a charm. Lucky for us, Lucy was in bed a didn't even notice,what a good girl. When the boys finally went outside, it was Elvis who picked up the smell of Pete's running shoes at the back gate,smart boy. He ran back in looking in all the rooms for Pete, then sat at the window looking for him a minute, then he must have given up, he laid down. Pete and Betty had a good run and when they got home we took Lucy, Elvis & Jake for a nice walk.
 Betty spent most of yesterday walking around with her big ears on, and that to me means,

                          SHE'S A HAPPY GIRL.

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