Thursday, January 31, 2013

More Happenings

 One other exciting thing that's happened around here. I started volunteering at a rescue AZ Mastiffs. It's funny when I get home from being with the rescue dogs, my dogs and I sit outside and they spend about 5 minutes smelling every inch of me. They don't mind at all. Honestly it's been the most rewarding thing, I think I've ever done.
This is Miles I had the pleasure of transporting him to be seen by potential adopters, and guess what? They loved him, he's gonna be fostered  to adopt. I love this boy, of course I cried when he left, but they were tears of joy, he did not have to go back to a kennel.
Here are just some of the dogs at the rescue. Some are in foster, some are looking for fosters, all are looking for their forever homes.

Cooper just a playful  puppy at 1 1/2 years old
Crystal 4 yrs old english mastiff
Xena, she's gonna have her cherry eye's done then will be available 
Daisy 4 yrs old
Titan, just a pup, he needs to gain a lot of weight
Otis 13 months old
Shaq 2 yrs old
Salene about 2 1/2 months old
 You might ask why mastiff's, since I have all labs. Well because I would love to own a mastiff. I just never thought I was a strong enough pack leader for one. This is my way of being able to love on them, learn about them, and help them. And someday when it's right I will have some one of my own.
                                     They are all Loving Good Dogs
                                Canine Rescue Coalition/ AZ Mastiff

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Not really much has happened since we've been gone. I finally feel like I am back to my old self. The most exciting thing that happened was my birthday, okay that's not what was exciting, but it was what happened for my birthday that was the best................
                            Tom came home from Austin for a visit YAY
Jake wasted no time showing him how much we missed him
Tom and his pops
Jake could not get enough of him
It's been a year now since he moved away, and it's his first visit back

  It was a total surprise for me, everyone knew but me. He was only here for the weekend, but I'd have him come anytime, for any amount of time. All the dogs were very good while he was here.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Were Back

                                        Yay he's were back

                                              Oh I'm just kidding ya.
Jake was never really gone. This was just once when he got out the front door, and took off to the neighbors yard. Pete had to run after him, coax him in with the promise of a biscuit. Go figure he got a biscuit for darting out the front door.  I am feeling much better, and hope to back to blogging again.
                                         He's a Good Boy

Saturday, January 19, 2013


                                             Purrrs & Woofs Bloggers
I've come over to give you an update about Grammy, she was not purring well. She had a little surgery to help her purrr, so she is taking some time to heal. I thought you'd enjoy pictures of my cuteness while she enjoys her purrrrrspa treatment
Do I look scary?

My favorite thing Boxes

 I admit it, I have a shoe fetish
This is my reaction to mommy telling me I'm not a dog
But I like dog bones
Maybe Coco is a kitty
Mommy's bed is the best bed ever

Don't worry The silvers and more will be back in no time at all
Mommy says no more kitty food for me, umm I'm not plump
I'm pretty

My favorite watering hole
                     I'm a Good Kitty and yes Coco is a Good Dog          

Friday, January 11, 2013


             I took Betty to the vet for a check up, she is 95 lbs of perfection

                                                 What Good Girl

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gotcha Day

I totally spaced on Abby's Gotcha Day, it was yesterday, we have had her a full year now. She has changed a lot. When she came to us, she was shaved and very shy. I am happy to say she has beautiful thick while fur, and she is no longer shy. In fact she is very vocal. Her favorite thing to bark about is biscuits,                  
                                               THE BISCUIT JUNKIE

When she first came to us, she really didn't know the joys of hanging outside, now she will hang outside but she is still not sure what to do while out there, mostly she just sits and smells in the air.

She has her own bed but some times likes to sleep in between Betty & Elvis
and she's even tried sleeping with Jake

She loves snuggling with Amy

She loves Jake, he always plays gentle with her

She loves kids
She is the best beggar
Not gonna be left out
She loves her daily walks

She has adjusted to being in a pack very well, she has over come her fear of big trucks, and she now hangs out in the living room with us ( instead of the closet). Abby has brought us so much joy, we could not be happier that she came to us. She is a Good Girl and we love her so much