Wednesday, February 29, 2012


                                    This is just so wrong of Amy

                                               Good Dogs

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


 The boys like to play rough, mostly it's noise and showing of teeth, but sometimes it can get a little too much, so I stop it, by standing in the middle of the room and telling them that's enough, they will stop.

Well today they were playing and getting rough, when the UPS man came. Now it's not the UPS man they don't like, it's his truck, they want to kill it. They were not paying attention when the truck pulled up, busy playing, so when he rang the door bell. They went nuts, and Jake bit Elvis on the ear. After I got them settled down I saw Blood. Took Elvis to the vet.

 Just a small puncture wound to the ear. The vet fixed it with some surgical glue, and  gave us an antibiotic just to be safe.. He's fine I always over react. I should tell the UPS man he don't need to ring the bell, they let me know when he's on our street.                            They are Good Boys

Monday, February 27, 2012


                            You knew it was gonna happen, didn't you?

Abby sitting with Pete

Jake "WTF"
Pete "Come on "
Jake "it's cool"
                          Neither Betty  or Lucy wanted to be part of this.
                                           What Good Dogs

Friday, February 24, 2012


                         See if you can picture this happening.
  It's 3:30am Lucy goes out to potty. It's 4:30 am Lucy starts "woof .....woof.....woof.........woof woof " Pete (knowing Lucy can't really hear anymore)  "Lucy go back to bed ......"Woof .....woof "   Pete, "Lucy it's too early go back to bed... woof.......woof " Pete gets up, Lucy just lays there Looking at him ............grrrrrrrrrr  He makes her bed, she climbs in goes back to sleep...

                                       This happens all the time now

                  She prefers her bed to be made these days  She's a Good Girl

Thursday, February 23, 2012


 We got a package in the mail the other day, from Aunt Lynn. All the way from New York City.  I saw it was addressed to me and Jake so I set it down and said "Jakey that's for you", like he knew what I was saying, he started tearing the box up. He has never done this before with boxes.

Of course he completely ate all the pieces he tore off 
                     It didn't take long for them to tear into it, just look

A stuffie dinner plate yum
Hurry open it
The Frisbee dinner plate with the roll and broccoli
The roll
The broccoli
The corn
The potato

The turkey
 Thanks Aunt Lynn, they love pulling the stuffing out of toys. I look forward to reading the books.
                                       What Good Dogs

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


                                     I caught him......

                He's usually too fast to get caught... I know, but he's a Good boy

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


          Elvis, he's just so darn cute. Look how handsome he is just sitting there.
                                        He's  a Good Looking Boy

                                           Yeah sure he is.
 Look closer, he actually thinks he can now take the recycling out side with him.

         And I can just hear Christopher telling me "But Mom HE"S A GOOD BOY"

Monday, February 20, 2012


  Oh dear, word has it that our friends  Coco The Princess, Lady Godiva, and Truffel need some help. Something big  is going on at their house and they are worried. Their mom sold their GASP couch, and we are just sick to here that GASP more than half of their toys have disappeared, now they are really worried about the rest of their toys. Being the smart girls that they are and since Pip's Occupy Your Couch went so well for him, they are asking for some help. Well we are happy to help. We are gonna keep all our chewed toy in the middle of the room until the girls figure out whats happening at their house. Stick together girls, keep your toys close.

                     We are Good Dogs and we support Occupy Your Toys

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shows Over

                                    Thanks to everyone who voted
 The Mango Minster Show is over now,  we sure had fun playing along. We met lots of new great dog bloggers We are happy to be part of the dog blogging world. Now for the rest of the winners.
The  Working Stiffs Category  had Glacier taking the win. Cracker Critters actually had a tie, so both Corbin & Taffy took the win. And now

                                   Are you ready Best In Show is

                                                        Mollie Jo

 Thank you to Mango and all the Judges and all the other contestants for all the fun.

Friday, February 17, 2012


                                  Happy Birthday Abby

 Look who turned 10 on Wednesday.  She does not act like she is 10, we think much younger. She is adjusting very well and really coming out of her shell. Every day we see something different from her, just adjusting to life with a house full of dogs, we are pretty sure she had been an only dog. She is not used to being outside much. I sit outside with them, but she always wants to go in.

 I've noticed lately, her starting to go out by herself, she comes right back in, but at least she trying, and on Saturday I found her laying in the sun by herself, That's a first. I am so excited for her and happy to see enjoying the sun.

 Then on Sunday she ate at the same time as the rest of the dogs, just not in the same room, that's a big step. She is trying to figure out how to play with mostly Jake and Betty, she'll figure it out get in time. She is playful with us humans and really seems to love running in the mornings.

                                             She is a Good Girl

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vote Today

                            Today is the day for  the Crackers
                                 You can vote here

Today the Cracker Critter Category opens for votes, that's our category.
                                        Good luck to everyone.
The show opened on Sunday and is going on all week, Too Darn Cute was Sunday with Mollie Jo taking the win. Adventure Animals went on Monday with Chrome taking the win. Tuesday was Bad Sports Category with  Allred  taking the win. Wednesday was Working Stiffs the winner to be announced tonight. Cracker Critter winner will be announced Friday.  Saturday is best in show to be announced Sunday. We will let you know the rest of the winners on Sunday.

                        Vote for Jake, he's our Cracker

This has been a lot of fun and we were happy to play. We feel like we have already won, with all the new  wonderful blogs and dogs we've met. Everyone wins in our book.  A very big Thank You to Mango and the Judges for all their hard work.
                             Congratulations to all the winners

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


 While our company was here, we spent a lot of time away from the house. Most of you know Elvis does not like that and tends to let us know by wetting all over the house. So it was very hard, but I left the back door open for them. They did just fine the first week and most of the second week, but then Pete wasn't able to run for 3 days. Jake got a little restless.

 When I found Jake sitting up on the table, I should have known, they'd had enough of me being gone all day. I put the bottoms of the bed on the table to wash them, I guess I didn't get that done in time for Jake.

Elvis and Betty were okay with it

We came home on this Tuesday after being gone most of the day, the dogs greeted me with the usual jumps and barking like I 'd been gone forever, Jake and Elvis like to greet with toys in their mouth. Jake ran to the back porch to get his treasure for me.
               Beware the photos below may be graphic

Yes he brought me the turtle, he's a Florida Redbelly Cooter, we call him Cooter, we've had him about ten years now. By the looks of the turtle, Jake had been chewing on him for some time. I felt so bad, the poor turtle. I am happy to say he is just fine and not at all afraid to sun on his rock. I don't think I'll leave the back door open while I'm not home anymore, and I will not let Jake get the turtle again.

                                                  Good Dogs?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


                                   Happy Valentines  Day 




        Good Dogs                          

Monday, February 13, 2012

Were Back

 Well, we are back. We had a great visit, with some great company. Now we gonna work on finding what normal is around here. Just before our company arrived, Tom the last kid at home, moved to Austin, so Pete and I are empty nesters, well if you can call 5 dogs empty nesters. As you know Pete runs 4 of the 5 dogs every morning, but what you may not know is he willingly rides his bike to work, most days, about a half hour ride each way. YES HE"S CRAZY. His work recently moved and it now about an hour ride, each way. So he's trying to find the right balance between running and riding, without completely wearing him out at night.

                                 We sure hope he gets it figured out soon
                                              We are Good Dogs