Tuesday, April 19, 2011


  After I posted this picture of the pond on this blog, I realized it did not look that good anymore.
                                               SO, we tore it apart
what a job,this turned into

only plants that will stay

   I've wanted a waterfall, since we put the pond in, more than 8 years ago, we finally put it in.
  I've been working on the building the waterfall. Pete worked on the yucky part, the inside of it. we took all the cattails, and all the water hyacinths out, it also got it's regular spring cleaning, which means, Pete got most of the fish out, they ended up swimming around the fruit trees till morning, then we had to pick them up, cause the dogs like to eat fish. The waterfall turned out pretty good, I think. Still a lot of work to be done,we'll get there.

   The dogs just enjoyed a spring day outside, while we worked, well except when the water was drained really low, Jake wanted the turtles and they kept teasing him, by climbing out. He also wanted to play in the mud, we drained the water from the pond, around the fruit trees, to water them.

one of Jake's favorite places in the yard

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