Friday, April 22, 2011


                                            Yesterday I felt like a farmer.

    We don't have a farm, but we do have 1 bale of hay. We have it for the turtles, that's what they eat. Normally, Chris would deal with it, but he's in the Army, so someone has to do it. I made a few really lame excuses why I shouldn't have to do it, It's a dirty job, i'll get itchy, pretty lame, huh. I just didn't want to deal with it. Pete says no problem, he'll do it. I said okay I'll let you.
                                             Oh the guilt I had.

 So I put on my best barn shoes, and got my pack of trusted farm dogs, every good farmer has farm dogs. Except, Lucy could not be bothered with getting out of bed, Betty insisted on staying in the shade, Jake had to be chained up because he likes turtle poop bars, Elvis my trusted farm dog, stayed right buy side. I think, because he thought he'd find poop bars in that hay.  So I shoveled hay, raked hay, cleaned the old hay out, put the new hay in, raked the water hole and gave them water.

Funny thing, hay is really light, that makes it really easy to shovel, so with in a half hour I was back in the house all washed up, enjoying the air, and the dogs, with no guilt at all.      I love my life

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