Friday, January 27, 2012


 When we feed the dogs around here it's crazy, Jake barks while we get his bowl ready, Abby has decided to bark with him. Then she goes to hides while they eat. First we set Jake's down, then Elvis get his, we turn walk about 3 steps, put the girls bowls down. THE BOYS ARE DONE NOW. They just inhale it, I  even got a special bowl to try and slow the eating down nothing works. The girls eat fairly quick also. Abby is so use to taking her time  she eats very slow. At first I was like WOW she is never gonna get any food with the boys around, so now when she is ready to eat, we just gate the others out and she's okay, she eats a little, drops a little on the floor, will go off and get a drink, come back and finish it off.

LaLa taking her time
                  Abby is in no hurry to eat, and it's okay with us, it's kinda funny.
                                                  She's a Good Girl
We have company in town for a while so forgive us if we get a little busy to blog.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


 We've seen Jake sit in lots of different positions on many different people,dogs,

but this picture is different because Jake was in the chair first and Elvis wanted it. There were other chairs for him to sit in, but Jake already had this one warm, Elvis tried pawing at it, Jake was not moving . So  Elvis pulled a Jake and sat with him. I was very surprised.

                                                      Good Boys

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


                       I don't know how or why Betty was turned around

                                                Good Dogs

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Girls


Lucy snuggled in her bed

Abby on the couch right next to Lucy

Betty on the other end of the couch
                                           What Good Girls

Monday, January 23, 2012


       Amy was over for a visit, Jake just loves trying to get Coco to snap at him.

                                           They are Good Dogs

Friday, January 20, 2012

Play Time

  Yesterday morning Abby started getting vocal. Barking,  who knows why, she is finding herself I guess. She seemed to bark more when the boys  were playing, so when the boys were out side I decided to give the girls toys, Lucy wanted nothing to do with playing today, but Abby & Betty were happy to play especially with the boys outside.

These toys were in a bag that came with Abby, so none of the dogs here had smelled these toys, Abby seemed happy. Well eventually the boys came in, they knew as soon as they were in the girls had something they wanted. The boys were very respectful of the girls with their toys, so I gave them toys, also from Abby's bag.
Elvis checking Abby's toy out
Elvis wanting Betty's toy
Jake wanting Betty's  toy
Jake checking out Abby's toy
The boys would rather play tug of war
Betty hiding her toy from the boys
                       Elvis figured Abby's done so he's moving in for the take

Got it

Abby does not care he took it she is happy for her first real play time
Oh no tug of war outside
Jake wins
It's over
Abby's happy she made through her first rough play time
                                             What Good dogs

Thursday, January 19, 2012


                                        Mike's Birthday

 Michael my oldest son is 28 today. In the picture above he is about 2 and that's our first dog Dusty, a Golden Retriever. When he was little, they were always together, we had 15 great yrs with her.

                                                We are Good Dogs

                                We Love you, Happy Birthday Mike

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Silver Labs are not real popular, although they are starting to get more attention, most people have never heard of them. So to trying to find anything like a coffee cup or a calendar, is impossible,  there is just nothing out in the marketplace for Silver Labs. I've always said I would make my own Silver Lab Calendar, my son and his wife did that for me. I love it! I'll use the first of every month to show you the top picture, and since I just got it and January first has already passed. I'll show it today.

This is the outside of it

                                          Thanks Mike & Sarah

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


 I wouldn't leave Lucy's walk out. After the 4 dogs run, they come back and walk with Lucy around the block, that's about as far as Lucy will go.

Lucy waiting for the others to return from running
This might be the only way to get a  picture of all 5
Saying hi to neighbors
Here they come

                        Once again Pete makes walking 5 dogs look easy.
                                                Good Dogs                                       

Monday, January 16, 2012


 I happened to be up early and Pete runs later on the weekends so I was able to get running pictures. There is always excitement before the run, dogs trying to tell Pete it's time to go.

Abby not really afraid of Jake in her face 
Here they come

Down one side of the canal
Back up the other side of the canal
I think Abby is doing great 

There they go
  They ran 3 miles on this day, Pete says, 3 miles is all he wants to run her because of her age. Abby kinda brings up the rear, but it's not a problem. We think she may have been run before, multiple reasons, the most obvious one is she seems so fit, she is  not over weight. Once again Pete makes running with 4 dogs look very easy.
                                 What Good Dogs they are