Friday, July 27, 2012

Come Home

                                            Hi friends, it's me Jake

 Our mom and dad said something about going away for the weekend for 87 billion yrs and leaving us with pet sitters all lone for the first time ever.
                                            WTF does that mean?
 Yeah sure mom has been saying things like we will be fine and we will be fed and someone will let us out and not to worry about bed time someone will be here. She is kidding right, no way she would leave us with a pet sitter all by ourselves.
 Oh the things I could get into, the counters, pond, tortoise encloser.....Wait
I know my mom and no way she just wouldn't do it.

Okay jokes over, you can come back now. It's been like 57 hours where are they?

        Where are they, WE DEMAND YOU COME HOME, We are Good Dogs

Thursday, July 26, 2012


 Just two brothers discussing their day, maybe trying to think of something to do.

Maybe find something outside to do?

Nope could not come up with anything to do, but take a nap
                                                     Good Boys

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Love Seat

                               Love seat usually means 2 people

How about 1 person 3 dogs
Jake will set any where to be close to Pete
                Lucky for them Pete thinks it's funny, what Good Dogs

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


  Amy & Coco were over this weekend. We haven't seen a lot of her in the past month.

The boys wasted no time kicking her out of her seat showing her how they missed her.

                                                  What Good Dogs

Monday, July 23, 2012

Desert Living

 We live in the desert, it's hot and dry here most of the time. Right now we are in our rainy season, Monsoon season, rains like crazy for short times, with lots of lightning & thunder. Seems the last couple of years the monsoons have turned into what they call a  Haboob. A huge dust storm. I had never heard of a haboob till 2 years ago. Now seems like it happens here pretty often. I got some pictures of it coming in and thought I'd share them today. In the past, they have only brought dirt, this storm had a little rain come in behind it, that helps wash away the dirt.

At first I thought something might have been on fire
It really is just a wall of dust
This is looking one direction
And I turned and this was the other direction
It's was moving fast
Yuck,  dirt
This is it just as it's about to engulf us
Betty's a good girl, she was so scared
 We were happy to have a little rain behind this dust storm, it washed away lot of the dirt, but as always it leaves behind quite a mess.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Private Club

                                  Elvis thinks he has his own pool
                                               The hot tub
The other dogs don't understand
He thinks it's paradise
He likes diving for things under water

                                                  He's a Good boy

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bitey Again

                          Another game of bitey-face just different dogs.

Abby is the one that started this
Abby only does this with Jake
Of course they are on Lucy's bed

Jake is pretty gentle with Abby 

Elvis has come to break it up
They look proud of themselves
                                            What Good Dogs

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Grown Up

             As long as I can remember Betty has slept in my bed at my feet.

She is under her own red blanket
  That's her spot, and she is a big girl. I have slept with my knees bent or making Pete let me have some of his leg room for years. We have noticed she has been hesitant to jump up lately, our bed is kinda high. Some of you might remember Pete made steps for Elvis who is not a very good jumper 

 Betty would not use them, no matter how hard we tried to get her to. Yes Betty, Elvis and Jake all start out most nights in our bed, thank goodness it's a king size bed. Well this last week Betty  stopped jumping up and sleeping with me. It makes me sad. Since Chris left, Betty has become a momma's girl, she's always been kinda of scared of a lot of things, but again lately we have noticed such a change. I think she is growing up.  We had a thunder storm the other day and instead of hiding she went outside with us to watch it rain. I don't think she has ever done that. We have also noticed her not getting up on the furniture any more.

The bed I made when Jake had his surgery, they liked it so we kept it out
I know it's safer and for the best,she not jump up if she can not do it any more, but I will admit I've been having trouble sleeping with out her.

 So we made her a bed on the floor like the others with of course mini crib mattress& blankets, moved it around the room till we found the spot where she wanted to sleep on it and that happens to be big surprise on the side with all the other dogs. So on Pete's side on the bed is  Abby's bed then Elvis,and Jake is after the closet door and now Betty across from Elvis. Good thing they all get up as Pete is getting up, he really has no where to get out of bed with out stepping on one of them. Lucy does not sleep in our room at night, she likes to sleep out in the living room in her bed.

                                       She is such a Good big girl

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


 Lucy does not much care for the other dogs in her face these days, she likes to do her own thing, stays in her bed a lot. So it makes me happy when she wants to play. This is probably the most gentle bitey-face ever.

They make a weird whining noise when they do this
Elvis is always happy to play gently  with Lucy
Elvis likes to nibble

I think Lucy is winning this
Lucy looking happy she played
                                                 What Good Dogs

Monday, July 16, 2012

Kiss Me

Hey baby, how about a kissy
Thank you sweet baby
Okay that's all you get though
                                                What a Good Boy

                         No baby or dog was in any danger in this setting

Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Girl

             Nothing make her happier than a good chew on a ball after a swim

                                             What a Good Girl