Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tug Of War

                                     The best game of tug of war ever.
  I must finally be figuring out how to do 4 dogs. The boy's did not run all week, and I did not walk the girls either, and Pete was gone. It was the best week I think we've had since we added Jake 8 months ago.
                                         NO PROBLEMS, GREAT WEEK

                                               THEY ARE GOOD DOGS

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

                                      WE MISS YOU CHRISTOPHER

                                                        Proud to be American

Friday, May 27, 2011

And Again

 Yea!! they got to swim again. What fun they had. Jake, Betty just swim around, kinda doing laps. Elvis spends the whole time jumping in, he gets out, he jumps in, and he does this over and over. It's really funny. They are kinda like kids, some like to jump in, some like to just swim, but you always have to watch them.
                                   They are GOOD DOGS

  Lucy really didn't feel like swimming again,and again she did NOT bark at the other dogs. What a GOOD GIRL she is.
 I must have worn them out yesterday, they slept all night and did not get up till 6 this morning.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


       Still trying to keep them busy, it was along night last , Elvis drank too much water yesterday, so we got up every 2 hours to go out, and the boys wanted to get up at 5 am.( I don't like 5 am). Now I know why Pete does not fill their water up first thing in the morning. Before noon they drank 2&1/2 gallons of water then another 1 &1/2 through the day. They have done much better today, so hoping for a good night tonight.
  Yesterday I took them swimming. They had so much fun. We are gonna go again today, if it's not to hot. YES I put sunblock on the boys, cause you know their fur is kinda thin, okay they don't really have a lot of fur.


This is as far as Lucy went
Elvis jumping in

Betty jumped in FIRST TIME EVER
Elvis looking like a seal
Elvis shaking like Elvis
Elvis loves to just jump in

Lucy didn't really feel like swimming, the water may have been a little cold for her, and for the first time ever I think, she didn't bark like crazy at the other dogs that were swimming.
                                   What GOOD DOGS

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Lucy running like a pup

 Trying to keep all the dogs happy and
 worn out so it's a nice calm evening. Usually
 when Pete's gone at night the boys bark a lot.
 I think it's because he usually comes home in
 the evening, so they expect him, and they think
 they hear him. Maybe they are trying
to bark him home.

                                  What Good Dogs they are

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dad's Gone Again

  Well Pete had to travel again, he took the boys running before having to pack. So the boys watched him run around and get ready. It was just so cute they didn't let him outta sight. Then they realized he was leaving and stuck to each other. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a good week.


Monday, May 23, 2011


    Look where I found Jake. It's really a weird place for him to lay. This happened  while Pete was in Moab, I think Jake is pouting, I've never seen him lay here, and so far he has not been back, to lay there.

That's one of Lucy's favorite spots
They are GOOD DOGS   

Friday, May 20, 2011

Vacuum Again

we had already gone through this in the other room

This time, none of them wanted to move, after I made them all move. It was Elvis doing his best to get me to stop.

It's Elvis against the vacuum

I was actually running the vacuum in this one
he was trying to get in between the table and vacuum
I was far enough from the plug that when he walked
through the cord he unplugged it. Then he wouldn't
look up at me


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dad's back

 Last weekend Pete went to Moab, Utah to ride his bike. I think he's crazy to ride on rocks he could fall off of and disappear all together, of course again, i'm afraid of heights. It's something he really loves to do though.
Pete is in the middle wearing a blue shirt

                                     The dogs missed him bad, they always do.
                                    usually the boys are not good, when he's been 
                                    gone for a few days, but this trip, I can say they were 
                                    pretty good boys, no problems, and I didn't even
                                     run them.       I'm so proud.

 they are sure glad he's home again
                                            THEY ARE GOOD DOGS

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


 Well i broke down and got a VIBRATING collar, NOT A SHOCK collar, for Jake.
                                         I REALLY DONT WANT TO USE THIS,
  but he's just not listening. He barks a lot, he wont stop going in the pond area, and he jumps, we tried a spray collar, to messy, and we were going to hire a trainer, but Pete and Tom and I (cause it requires everyone involved) can't seem to find 2 hours free time together. Also the trainer uses a clicker, and I don't see how that will work with 4 dogs. We will try this collar and hope for the best. Sigh

                                                        GOOD LUCK JAKE
                                                         He's a GOOD BOY

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tom & the Girls

                      Thank goodness Lucy didn't want to lay with Tom also.

They are  GOOD GIRLS

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pond Update

  Well I said I was the one working on the waterfall part of the pond, guess what. FAILURE, so we take it apart again. I guess, Pete thought since I was working on the waterfall, I knew what I was doing.                          WRONG.
   Anyway we have torn it apart again, have to redesign the whole flow thing, and not use the stupid plastic molds. FUNNY, Chris has been trying to get me to throw away those molds for years.

 Jake cannot stop focusing on the water turtles, while out in the back yard. It doesn't help that she is just not afraid of him, she swims right up, and climbs out, right where he's standing, staring at her.
He did draw blood under her chin, by scraping his teeth on her mouth as she was pulling back from him, and he found her out of the pond looking for a place to lay eggs and I caught him flipping her around, he did flip her back in the water. Luckily she is okay.

 I really hate the thought of having this big beautiful back yard and he has to be chained up, and he's the only one chained up. It's really sad. Of course he barks like a fool, when i'm doing something out there, and he can't get close to me. So then I have to put him inside, how sad. I do not know how to redirect his focus. I'm really afraid he's gonna hurt her, or worse. He's not really being a GOOD BOY.