Monday, April 25, 2011


  I've said before, Pete gets up early, like about 5 am, and likes to run with the boys. I try not to ever get up that early, although I always hear them. Jake gets very excited.
 On Saturday, Pete ran later than usual, I was up early and was able to witness first hand all the commotion. These first pictures are Jake going round and round Pete while he's getting his shoes on, Elvis is standing right at his feet, what you can't hear is the wimper Jake is doing while running around Pete.

 The boys are really cute together. I think it's their silver color that makes them so cute. Pete has had a few people comment, while running, on how good looking they are together. I've never actually seen them run, I'm sleeping. So, on Saturday I headed off the park to try and get a glimpse of them running.

Here they come, they are still in the park. I am hiding behind a building, so I won't disrupt their run. Jake looks right at me and never breaks his stride, they could have cared less that I was standing there.


   Now they are across the canal. Pete has unleashed them so they can go. They like to run fast, and in front of him, although you'll notice, Elvis seems to stay closer and looks over his shoulder a lot to check on Pete.

                                They are really a good looking group.
                                        I'm really glad I got to see this.                                                            

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