Tuesday, April 5, 2011


 Betty, or Betty baby, Betty Spaghetti, well she's a 6 yr old yellow lab. The biggest one, although she don't  think so, I tell her all the time she's a big girl, she just refuses to believe me. She is so pretty , pretty much she's  perfect looking. Betty is a little afraid of most things, and a lot afraid of thunder, when it thunders' she likes to get under my husbands bed pillows, it does not matter to her if he's sleeping on them either. It's really funning from my side of the bed.
 Betty took to my youngest son Chris like she was his, okay he thought so too. The problem with this is, when ever he'd leave, she'd sit at the window and wait for him to come home. When he was in school she knew when the bus would come and sit and wait for him. It was really cute. So when he left for the Army a week ago, I was really worried she wouldn't leave the window for the next 14 weeks or so, he of course assured me, he'd had a talk with her and she'd be okay. Well guess what? Turns out she must have listened to him, cause she doesn't seem to be sitting at the front window at all. I'm almost sad about it for her, kinda like he gave her back to me. Now she follows me every where, I don't mind that though. I always told Chris she was mine and he couldn't take her when he moved out.

 Betty likes to sleep, she sleeps in my bed at my feet, and unlike all the other dogs, Betty is not a morning dog. She will skip breakfast if it means she can sleep in. My husband Pete is an early bird, I am not. He likes to get up early and run with Elvis & Jake. When he gets back he takes Lucy & Betty for a walk, Lucy waits at the door for him, Betty goes back to bed and waits.It's kinda funny, I can hear him calling her in frustration cause Lucy gets jumpy, waiting for her to get back up SHE'S A GOOD GIRL.

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