Friday, April 1, 2011

Cooper & Coco

         Cooper and Coco are my extra dogs or as Amy says my grand dogs.
 Cooper is a 2yr old lab mix that Mike & Sarah got before they found out they were having triplets. He was kinda a rescue for them at about 12 weeks he came from his 3rd home,he came a ball of energy .Him and Elvis are about the same age they played hard and rough together always. I don't think Mike has ever been able to tire him out completely, and not because they haven't tried.
 Copper hasn't been over as much since we got Jake, cause 4 dogs are a big handful, and then you add one more dog, and when Cooper comes, so do his triplets, they go together, things get a way crazy. Cooper has grown up a lot in the past couple of months. Actually out of all the dogs he probably listens the best. HE"S A GOOD BOY.
 Coco is a 6yr old lab mix. Amy rescued, she looks like a mini Lucy. Coco has come a long way since Amy first got her. She was very unsure of everyone and the other dogs, she's much more trusting of us now. She still sometimes snappy with the other dogs. She's okay till they want to get in her face and play,and they do. She wont hesitate to snap, it's her way of telling them to back off, and they do.Which is kinda funny because she's the smallest of all the dogs. SHE'S A GOOD GIRL
 I'm very proud of Mike & Sarah for getting through the thoughts of wanting to get rid of a very high energy dog, because they're so busy with the triplets. Cooper's only gonna get better with age, and those triplets will be better having been raised with a dog
 I'm also very proud of Amy for rescuing Coco and taking the time to work with her to bring her out of her shell, so she can be a happy dog. She is a much different dog now than Amy first got her.

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