Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Run Part 3

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  Can you blame them really? What dog would not have taken advantage of their dad not paying attention to a couple of very hot, water-loving dogs standing by the water unleashed. Geez, they are not completely  Good Dogs

Everyone leashed back up
 They were running before this happened, so Jake was still wearing his gentle leader, and he likes to have his faced rubbed after it's taken off, sometimes before it's taken off.
Okay I'll do it myself then
What you want me to stop

Oh Jake
                                     To be continued....... 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Run Part 2

                  If you missed part1 and want to read it you can here                      
   Thought he went in didn't you? No he didn't just then, but he was hot.
After looking at the Cliff Swallows nest we headed back, they of course running and me walking.

Good Dogs
   And they stopped  to wait for me, BIG MISTAKE. I did say he was hot, and we knew it.. This is an irrigation canal so it won't hurt them, the water can be kinda smelly sometimes.The problem is it's not meant for swimming so there are only small steps every 50 yards or so to get out, the walls are steep concrete.

Pete quickly leashing up the other dogs
Of course the closest steps out of this are across the canal
Well it is Jake, so he just waited till nobody was looking and he went in with Betty right behind him, luckily Pete got the other 2 leashed up before they all went in.

Come on Betty get out
Haha  just try to  catch me
sadly there was garbage where they went in
Yeah right dad, you have be faster than that, I LOVE WATER

Come on, dad get in
Oh no, he's got me


                                  To be continued...........

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Run Part 1

 I was lucky to be up the other day to catch Pete and the dogs out for a run. They like to run really early. Jake's first run since his surgery.  He was really tired afterwards but he did fine.

Here they come
Since nobody was around they got to run off leash
The boys excited to see me
The girls not so excited, when running they always stay close to dad
They were a little confused when we all started back the way they came

Good Dogs
We went to look at the Cliff Swallows nest under the bridge They look kinda like bee hives. Really neat .

And here's a picture of a some sort of cell phone tower that is at the park. Clever of the city to hide it in a fake pine tree , don't you think

                       Jake don't even think about going in that smelly canal
                                           To be contuined........

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

                  Thank you to those who have served 

                                And those who are serving

  Our Christopher was lucky to be able to get way from the Army this weekend, and spend it with his grandma & grandpa, and family.

Grandpa is doing great since his hip replacement 
Chris & Aunt Lynn
We are so happy he was able to go visit, and we anxiously await an upcoming visit here.                        We sure miss him.



                                           We are Good Dogs

Friday, May 25, 2012


 I was going through some pictures and realized how much they are always together. I guess you could say they stick together like glue.

                                                  What Good Boys

Thursday, May 24, 2012


         Hot here yesterday 103 degrees, so the dogs did a lot of this to stay cool.
                           Dreaming about swimming hopefully soon

                                                     What Good Dogs

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 We are off to the doctor's, first thing this morning. I think they will have to keep and give him a little something so they can take the staples out. I may have to leave him, I'm sure he won't like that. If they will let me, I'd rather just wait for him, even if I have to bring him home dopey. He is so ready.

                                                   He's a Good Boy

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 Oh no, I feel like I jinxed him. I posted yesterday how good Jake has been, this morning he got up on a mission the lick those awful staples out. I'm sorry to say, he has had to wear the CONE all day, and he's just the saddest boy ever, so I spent my day just sitting with him, I felt so bad for him.

He looks skinny, Tuesday he get a real bowl of food
He wouldn't look at me
I only let him stay out side for a minute, it was just to hot with the CONE

Really dad your not gonna take it off
That's more like it

  I think tonight I'm gonna let him sleep in his bed instead of the kennel, with the Cone on of course. One more day and the staples will come out, then it won't be long before he'll be himself again. I am ready to have my crazy boy back.                                                                He's a Good Boy