Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bad Boy

       Elvis thinks he's the boss, he thinks he can do what he want, actually he does most of the time.
 We have a room, that  we call the babies  room, it's actually my cowboy room, it's carpeted, and the toys are in there, and we can gate the dogs out of it when the babies are here, or gate the babies in. It's big enough for all the family to gather on Sunday's. It doesn't have a TV in it. Pete likes to sit and just relax ,read, in this room.We also use it as the computer room. The dogs like to play in this room , it has the most floor space, for them to rough around in. Really it's a family room and dining room combo, but we've never used it like that. I've got some okay furniture in it.
   I let the dogs get on the furniture, I know I shouldn't, but I do. However in this room,
                      I DON'T LET THEM ON THIS COUCH
We bought the couch, just for this room about 2 yrs ago, and it's a nice dog hair free couch.The dogs just know they are not allowed up there.  Well Elvis has discovered he likes it, he likes to lay on pillows and I keep finding him curled up to them, seems almost daily I find him on it, and I guess Jake figured if Elvis can do so can he, once I found them both up on it. I started taking his picture before making him get down, they all might look the same, but these were taken at different times, when we he gets caught.

                                                 HE'S A GOOD BOY

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  1. Thats funny.... I have the same color wall, that brown.