Friday, April 29, 2011

Lucy & Audy

 Normally, I wouldn't let the babies crawl on the kitchen floor, too much dog hair, and dog slobber in general, but Audy, that's what she calls herself, decided she wanted to have her juice with Lucy. It was just so cute, how could I tell her no. Lucy is the dog that mostly stays away from the action, she's old and would rather they not crawl on her.

                             Sean and Tucker decided they wanted to join in

                                        Lucy really seemed to enjoy the this.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


       Chris has gone off to the Army, we really miss him.
  The tortoises belong to him, and 8 years ago when he got them, he planted some prickly pear cactus, it's one of their favorites, the tortoises have been eating it every since. Chris is gone, and of course this is the first year the cactus has bloomed, they are beautiful,and plenty. The tortoises are going to love their fruit.
 Pete claims he's gonna eat some also.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Water Hose

   I was working in the pond area, the dogs were just hangin out in the yard. Jake was being a really good boy, so he was not chained up.  Tom came home, and Jake was so excited to see him, he jumped right in the pond. He had to be hosed off.
  This is no punishment for getting in the pond, Jake thinks this is reward.
Jake loves the water hose. He also loves being dried off. It's so funny to watch him play in the hose.
  Jake had a blast, and I think Tom did also.

                                                HE'S A GOOD BOY

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Summer Time

  The grand babies are 22 months now, and for the first time since we started playing outside with them, the dogs were able to join us. Usually they get to excited and knock them down, or are just to rough.  The dogs just love the babies, but the babies are still too little, to really enjoy the dogs.
  They did enjoy feeding the water turtles

this is what they are looking at

  And we let them go in the tortoise enclosure, to look down the tortoises hole, that's where he was at, and he came out for them. We had a lot of fun.
   The boys thought playing with the dog water rug was a blast since grandpa said not to.

Monday, April 25, 2011


  I've said before, Pete gets up early, like about 5 am, and likes to run with the boys. I try not to ever get up that early, although I always hear them. Jake gets very excited.
 On Saturday, Pete ran later than usual, I was up early and was able to witness first hand all the commotion. These first pictures are Jake going round and round Pete while he's getting his shoes on, Elvis is standing right at his feet, what you can't hear is the wimper Jake is doing while running around Pete.

 The boys are really cute together. I think it's their silver color that makes them so cute. Pete has had a few people comment, while running, on how good looking they are together. I've never actually seen them run, I'm sleeping. So, on Saturday I headed off the park to try and get a glimpse of them running.

Here they come, they are still in the park. I am hiding behind a building, so I won't disrupt their run. Jake looks right at me and never breaks his stride, they could have cared less that I was standing there.


   Now they are across the canal. Pete has unleashed them so they can go. They like to run fast, and in front of him, although you'll notice, Elvis seems to stay closer and looks over his shoulder a lot to check on Pete.

                                They are really a good looking group.
                                        I'm really glad I got to see this.                                                            

Friday, April 22, 2011


                                            Yesterday I felt like a farmer.

    We don't have a farm, but we do have 1 bale of hay. We have it for the turtles, that's what they eat. Normally, Chris would deal with it, but he's in the Army, so someone has to do it. I made a few really lame excuses why I shouldn't have to do it, It's a dirty job, i'll get itchy, pretty lame, huh. I just didn't want to deal with it. Pete says no problem, he'll do it. I said okay I'll let you.
                                             Oh the guilt I had.

 So I put on my best barn shoes, and got my pack of trusted farm dogs, every good farmer has farm dogs. Except, Lucy could not be bothered with getting out of bed, Betty insisted on staying in the shade, Jake had to be chained up because he likes turtle poop bars, Elvis my trusted farm dog, stayed right buy side. I think, because he thought he'd find poop bars in that hay.  So I shoveled hay, raked hay, cleaned the old hay out, put the new hay in, raked the water hole and gave them water.

Funny thing, hay is really light, that makes it really easy to shovel, so with in a half hour I was back in the house all washed up, enjoying the air, and the dogs, with no guilt at all.      I love my life

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Pete ready for work

  Pete had his yearly checkup yesterday. The doctor says, if all his 50ish patients were as healthy as Pete, he'd be out of business. He exercises, eats right, drinks plenty of water, and gets plenty of rest. I wish every one could do what he does.
Pete riding off to work

Lucy does not like the camera

Lucy also had her yearly check up today. She's, PERFECT, even her elbow pads are good today.Vet said she's great for being 11yrs old, her joints didn't even seem stiff, they said, the fish oil pills are helping that.
             SHE'S A GOOD GIRL

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


  Everyone knows why Elvis sticks to me when I eat something, he'd get in my lap, if I let him. I'm a big softy and I always give him something, and everyone always says something to me about it, I don't care.
                                           I DO WHAT I WANT.

he's just smelling, not licking it
 I figure so long as it doesn't give Elvis loose poop, he can have it. Of  course unless it's harmful to him, then I would never let him have it. He's the only dog that really begs. Jake does not even know what  begging is all about, his previous owners, did not ever give him table scraps, I'm sure of that.
 I have even tried sneaking getting food, while Elvis is sound a sleep outside, but he always knows, and comes scratching at the door, never fails.


         Pete says he NEVER gives Elvis table scraps.
          I say the picture says it all.
                                                    HE'S A GOOD BOY