Wednesday, April 20, 2011


  Everyone knows why Elvis sticks to me when I eat something, he'd get in my lap, if I let him. I'm a big softy and I always give him something, and everyone always says something to me about it, I don't care.
                                           I DO WHAT I WANT.

he's just smelling, not licking it
 I figure so long as it doesn't give Elvis loose poop, he can have it. Of  course unless it's harmful to him, then I would never let him have it. He's the only dog that really begs. Jake does not even know what  begging is all about, his previous owners, did not ever give him table scraps, I'm sure of that.
 I have even tried sneaking getting food, while Elvis is sound a sleep outside, but he always knows, and comes scratching at the door, never fails.


         Pete says he NEVER gives Elvis table scraps.
          I say the picture says it all.
                                                    HE'S A GOOD BOY

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