Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 3 Dog Sitting

 This is the last update for dog sitting, we are back and glad to be home, and really happy Chris has a few days to be at home. Thanks again to Mike for watching them for us.

day three
Dear Grandma,

Everything went great the whole time you were gone. The doggies did great. Although I think they were ready for you to come home.


Not sure who did this. It was probably Jake. Or Elvis. Or Tom. (Speaking of Tom, he didn't pick up any dog poop. I picked up all of it.) There are a bunch of little tooth marks on the Sensodyne tube now. Oh well.

Love you,

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Guess What ?

                                 Guess what Tom and Amy are doing?

  They are planning a party, because Chris is coming home. YEAH!!! You see the box on the table, It's full of AMERICAN FLAGS , and the red, white, blue lights for the patio. It should be a good time, lots of food and drinks, and swimming.
                         We are so excited and cannot wait for him to get here.
                         We are gonna be extra GOOD DOGS while he's home

Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 2 Dog Sitting

I'm still out of town so this is an edited update is from my son Mike.

28 JULY 2011

day two

Dear Grandma,

Not much to report here. Tortoise is back in her pen, and the doggies are great. The boys roughhoused a little in the morning but mostly everyone just chilled out all day.
"Hey ... is that a basketball in there?!?! Can we go in??" -Betty
"No, dogs."

"Pleeeeeeease?" - Elvis
"I don't think so."

"Cool with me." - Lucy
The babies are looking forward to everyone coming home, especially Uncle Chris. We went to Scouts tonight and everyone got suckers. They had to sit on the tile to finish them at home because they were sticky messes.

Sorry you have strep throat. :( Hope you're taking good care of that boy of ours. We're all so proud that he was the DISTINGUISHED SOLDIER for his whole platoon.

We spotted you and Dad, too!

Love you,
Mikey Mook

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dog Sitting

  I am out of town and I have my oldest son dog sitting. He posted this on his blog so I thought I would copy it and let you know how things went for him, They tested him today, hopefully tomorrow will go good.
Thanks Mike for watching them, and keeping us  updated.

Dear Grandma,

We had a great day on Wednesday. Dogs all slept the whole time I was over there. Except for when my boss stopped by to drop off some files. The dogs let her know what a bad idea it was to ring the doorbell. While I dealt with her, SOMEBODY snuck into the kitchen and got my pizza. Hmm... who was it. Let's find the guilty party.

OK, not you...

OK, not you either...

No, definitely not you...

No, you don't eat pizza...

Oh I see you dug yourself a hole.

Didn't get very far. Only wanted some of the nearest shade, I guess. OK, moving on.

Yep it was you.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


                          Hmm does Elvis look like he's guilty of something?
 Yup, he's guilty of taking the place where I was sitting. I got up and when I came back he was there, so I just sat some where else. Well he turned his guilty face on, I guess he wanted me to notice, he took my spot, so I made a big deal about it. When you talk to Elvis like he's done something wrong, he closes his eyes. He thinks, I can't see him if he closes them. It's really funny.

                                                He's A GOOD BOY

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

She Came Back

 Kai'a came back to visit. She has grown a bit. She has 4 teeth, and she can walk now.
see some teeth
still a little wobbly

Oh no she found Lucy's bed
Lucy did not seem to mind
        The dogs really love having her here, and she really seems to enjoy them.
                                     What GOOD DOGS

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pete's New to Toy

 Pete got a new toy. Elvis and Jake helped him put it together, Betty was a little afraid of it, Lucy didn't care about it at all.
Jake is working hard to help

                                     Yum I can't wait till he tries it out..

Friday, July 22, 2011

Vibrating Update

                                        We love this collar. Yes it works

   We don't use the auto setting, because we use it for multiple problems, barking, jumping in the pond, stuff like that. so the manual setting works best for us. The only thing with that is you have to be ready, you have to have the remote in your hand and ready, if it's in my pocket, it's to late. Although Jake doesn't wear it often,  he's pretty consistent on the times he needs it. So when he does wear it, I keep the remote at my finger tips, or carry it around in my hand. Some would think this is too much, but for me it's good. The only problem is it is not water proof.

So here's the new one. I let Jake outside and didn't stay out with him, and he knows what he can do, if I don't stay outside with him, yep he got in the pond with it on..... when he got to the back door I noticed he was wet, and couldn't figure out why he was acting so weird. Poor thing when it got wet, the vibrating started and stayed on, so it was just vibrating like crazy, he wasn't hurt, just scared, I think, and he's been in the pond since, so it did not scare him too much.
  I'm am so glad we got a new one... while we waited on the new one to get here, the barking was out of control with Jake.. he likes to bark at most things out front...I really wish they would make this one water proof.. I'm so glad it was NOT a shock collar when he got it wet.....

                                    He's a GOOD BOY

Thursday, July 21, 2011


The dogs like to lay on Pete. Mostly Elvis & Jake, and lately Betty has been finding her spot, with him. I found Pete laying on Elvis the other day.  I thought it was pretty cute.

                 Betty and Jake wanted no part of him laying on them.
                                       Neither did Lucy
                                        What GOOD DOGS

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make Room

   Pete really does not watch much TV, but the Tour de France road bike race is on for 2 weeks, and it's a couple of hours long each day, so he tries to watch that. We have given up trying to sit together, we always have a dog trying to squeeze between us. Sometimes they all want to sit with him, and they squeeze him off the couch.
                                              I think this is funny.

 Lucy is pretty happy to not share her bed and to have it right in the living room                                    
                                    What GOOD DOGS

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


 After 2 years of having 3 cribs in my bedroom, we have finally moved them out. They are now upstairs in the front room. It won't be long before the Triplets move to real twin beds, so we figured that we would transition upstairs now, so they will be used to going upstairs to go to sleep, when we change the beds.
  They loved it, first they got to walk all the way upstairs for the first time. Audy ran into the room and pointed to each bed and said who's bed they were.
  So now I've  REALLY cleaned my room, it was well over do. the boys decided to help. Don't they look like they are getting a lot done?

                             Thanks for help, what GOOD BOYS

Monday, July 18, 2011

Worn Out

    The dogs get up pretty early these days. They get Pete up at 5 am, they are hungry, and they want to run.   That means they go to bed pretty early also. When they go to sleep for the night they sleep hard. They fell a sleep on the couch, before bed the other night and they were just so cute. SO SLEEPY

                                            What GOOD BOYS

Friday, July 15, 2011

Smart Boy

                Jake has a secret      
  He has figured out that when the water bowl is empty, if he just knocks the water tub over, there is still a little water in that part of it. Usually I hear the tub fall over to the floor, today I caught him in the act. It was kinda funny.

                                                   HE'S A GOOD BOY

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Saturday Visit

                                     Amy came over with Coco

     I have never seen any star wars movies, but Amy says Coco looks like Yoda, with her ears like this
        Jake thought Coco should share Amy, so when Coco went to sleep at Amy's feet Jake snuck right in

                                             What GOOD DOGS

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Toys

 We got some new toys yesterday, and the boys decided this was the toy to kill first.
                              It was a pretty good tug of war.

                               Jake is growling Elvis to take it from him
                                                Elvis does take it
                                        Jake wants to keep it this time.
                                        Hmm Elvis has to think about it.

                     This is what Betty thinks of killing the new toy on the first day
                       Lucy is just not into tug of war or killing new toys anymore
                                        What GOOD DOGS

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Silly Boy

   Pete and I were watching the Tour de France which is a crazy road bike race, Pete's real into that kinda stuff. The boys always sit with Pete, in his lap some how, but they are always with him.

                               So this is how it started this time, pretty normal

                                      Elvis gets up and leaves Pete and Jake
                                          Pete gets up and Jake rolls over
                                          Funny boy he's now kinda stuck
                                                   Pete gives him a little help
                                                   This how he ended up  
                                                   He's a GOOD BOY

Monday, July 11, 2011


                                I don't think Lucy could look any more comfortable
                                           She is beautiful
                                        What a GOOD GIRL

Friday, July 8, 2011


  Look at this cute little bird I found in the yard, and lucky for it, I went outside before the dogs, so they did not eat it. Amy and I tried to catch it, obviously it was
someones pet bird. It flew away before we caught it, and I made sure it did not come back the rest of the day just in case, I didn't want the dogs to get it.
 Cute little bird

Thursday, July 7, 2011


   I like blogging that dad's home, because he's home, and because the boys are so glad he's back, and I get some really cute pictures. Except they always seem to have Pete a sleep. That of course is because most of  the pictures are taken at night, and he is a very early morning person, so sleep comes early for him. The boys are happy to show him how much they missed him..

                                            What GOOD BOYS