Thursday, April 7, 2011


                Well i said a millon times after Elvis
      WE WILL NOT HAVE ANOTHER MALE.    Then we  got
 Jake, or Jakey boy, Jakejake jakety. He is also a 2 yr old silver lab, he and Elvis are litter mates we just didn't get Jake until about 6 moths ago. The minute Jake came through the door he and Elvis knew they were brothers. I'm sure of it. It was weird, cause it was like they had been together forever. They do everything together.
 Jake has a few bad habits, like taking food right out of your hand, and he's quick, he also likes garbage, as soon as someone goes out the door he's in the garbage, oh and he really likes bread from the bakery. We have adjusted to this, he's kinda  helping us keep the kitchen clean, by having to put everything  right away, nothing on the counters, he'll eat it. I call it counter surfing.
  Jake has a little more energy than the rest of the dogs, when they are all being lazy and he wants to play, he paws at Elvis to get him to play, It's funny. he'll paw at him them run away. Jake has also picked Pete as his chosen one. Doesn't seem fair they would both pick him.  Jake also likes to sit with Pete in his chair, so Pete never sits in his chair or anywhere really by himself usually both boys are some how sitting with him, thats what he gets for taking both boys.

 Having 4 dogs is a lot of  work, i 'm very lucky to be able to stay home with them everyday, I try to make them happy and keep them healthy. I also feel very lucky to have gotten Jake. HE'S A GOOD BOY

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  1. This is beautiful, God bless all of u, u are in my prayers every day. Loving you from the inside. Debbie