Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Happy

                                     Oh Happy Happy Joy Joy

That's right, we are so HAPPY we could bark with joy, wait we did bark with joy.    
                  Christopher is coming home from the Army for a visit.

 He's gonna be here for a little while, then him and his dad are heading out to do some hiking,biking,jogging and exploring. They have a great adventure all planned out. So while he is here, we are gonna take a little time off to enjoy our time with Christopher.

                   Were gonna be REALLY GOOD DOGS while he's here

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Pete testing his new shade cover. The dogs sure he was putting up shade just for them to hang out under.

Yep,  it's just for them
                                                     Good Dogs

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


                      Do my nails look like they could use some cleaning up?

                                             He'd like for me use this color

                                                 He's a Good Boy

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Austin Dogs

 Austin is very dog friendly, I think we saw a dog every where we went. We went and checked out Barton Springs  a natural water spring in the ground. Of course you couldn't have dogs inside the life guarded area but on the other side of the fence, lots of people with their dogs it was awesome.

This is just one side of it
These 3 had just finished swimming

While we were on the duck tour we saw these dogs in charge of the pontoon boat, while the people were on the boat, they were tied together.
They were anchored the dogs were safe

                           We stopped to get the dogs some treats here

Boy did they ever have treats for dogs

                  We went for Ice Cream and ran into these beauty's

There was another just like this one at their table
She was so cute
It's no wonder Guy likes it in Austin as much as Tom & Victoria

                                             He's a Good Boy

Monday, September 17, 2012


 What a wonderful town Austin, TX is. I understand now why Tom & Victoria love it so much, it's like it was built for them. We had a really great time while we were there, even though our time there was short, I so glad I'm got to go.

Hmmm who does Tom look like?

This is Rose /Aunt Virginia & Uncle Johns dog
She is 12 and likes to hang out in her bed
We do have more family that lives in Austin. Pete's brother John, his wife Virginia and kids Jack, Jane, Sally. Jack and Jane are off at collage,and John was out of town, luckily we got to visit with Aunt Virginia & Sally

Tom with Cousin Sally
We went on this Duck Tour they drove us around showing us the city of Austin and then in the same vehicle they drove us into the river and floated us around the river. We all got duck whistles. Austins collage football team was having a home game so we saw a lot of tailgaters.  It was a lot of fun, and a great way to learn about Austin.

Pete and Aunt Virginia
Pete, Tom, Victoria
Guy he's a Good Boy

  Austin is a very dog friendly town, tomorrow I'll show some  Austin dogs out and about

Thursday, September 13, 2012

He's Home

                                            Jake is home. Yay

 His test results were just what they thought, they showed a slight elevated change, I guess it is normal after 72 hours to see a change, but not enough to be worried. He did come home with some medicine to keep taking. I will call our regular vet on Thursday and set up to have him tested again, but I believe he's gonna be alright.

  He has not been on a run or a walk other than what we did when we visited him (around the parking lot) at the emergency clinic for almost 2 weeks now. He came in with some energy, for 50 minutes he was completely crazy. Zoomies both inside and outside. I got them some new toys, they had a blast.

He stopped long enough to do some serious licking to his paw where the IV was

               And then he crashed hard, the girls seemed to want to be close to him

Even Lucy is glad he's home
                 I am so happy to have things back to normal, what Good Dogs

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Coming Home

   Thank you everyone for your good thoughts and prayers for our Jake

It's been a long start of the week. Jake has been at the Emergency Vet since the middle of the night Saturday. He has been on a preventive treatment plan which involved a few different things. We believe after much research and consulting with both the emergency vet and our own vet, it was the best thing for Jake. He will have all the test again this morning and if they are good he will come home this morning.We are hopeful that he will not have any long term kidney/liver problems from this.

 We figure he must have iron organs to support his iron stomach, since he eats just about everything and anything.                              
                                                  He's a Good Boy

Monday, September 10, 2012


 We had a great visit in TX. I'll show a little later some of what we did.
 Today we could use some prayers. You see about a week ago Amy's Coco was not feeling well and so we took her to the vet. They gave her some antibiotics which made her feel better, but they also gave her Rimadyl for Coco's arthritis which was also helping.
 This weekend Amy stayed here to watch the dogs while we were gone. Guess what? While she was asleep Jake got in her purse (which is the size of a small suit case) and got the Rimadyl and ate it all.

What was left of the bottle
In large dose it is toxic for dogs. She got him to the vet pretty quickly, they induced vomiting,got some activated charcoal in him to help absorption of it, have him on IV fluids to help flush out, they are concerned that there could be some long term kidney and /or liver damage. It could take up to 72 hours before any symptons of that show up, so they are keeping him for another 24 hour, the longer they can keep up with the preventative care, the more hopeful they are. We will know a little more after they check his blood work Monday morning.

We went to see him as soon as we got back into town. He was not happy that he had to stay. The vet said he's been a really good boy, and everybody there loves him, and that even though he has an IV he has not had to wear the cone.  We hope and pray that he is able to come through this with out any serious long term affects.
                                        He's a Good Boy

Friday, September 7, 2012


                                 Look who I get to see this weekend

Guy in Austin TX

Okay really I'm going to see our middle son, Tom & Victoria and Guy in Austin TX, they moved there in January and I haven't seen them since. Pete has to go down for work, so I get to tag a long.

Victoria,Tom & Guy
Between Amy/ coco and Mike and Sarah& the kids someone will be here with the dogs all weekend. The pet sitters were great the last time I left  the dogs with them, this just came about so quickly it was easier to just have family do it.

He's a Good Boy

      Even though I'm not fan of flying, I can't hardly wait to see them again.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


                                 One of Jake's favorite places to be

                                   Right in Pete's lap. He's a Good Boy

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sleepy Boys

                            Jake on one end of the couch falling a sleep

                           Elvis on the other end of the couch falling a sleep

                                              Good Sleepy Boys

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


                                               Can you see it?

 It's there in the window sill. Yep it a bird, it comes all the time. Now you'd think with 5 barking dogs it would not want anything to do with our window sill, but you'd be wrong. He likes us for some reason.

Can we keep him
Get in my mouth birdie
Crazy bird even turns and looks at them
Come on in little birdie
It makes them all bark like crazy 
Even Lucy barks  from the kitchen

 Of course some of you may know Jake knows what these taste like, so he thinks if he scratches at the window he will get it. Nope the bird just stays in the window sill like there is nothing going on in the house behind it,even though I'm sure the neighbors can hear the dogs barking a block away. The 5 crazy barking dogs can't get it to leave, so you know how I get it to leave? I have to go out front a shoo it away. Crazy bird, I can hardly wait for it to come back.
                                                Good Dogs?