Wednesday, October 31, 2012


                       Happy Halloween

Cooper/ Mike & Sarah's
Coco/ Amy's
Guy/ Victoria & Tom's
Ofie/ Amy's
                                          What Good Dogs & Kitty

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Out Front

  Over the weekend the dogs got to hang out front with Pete, and they loved it. Of course every time Pete would leave Jake's sight he barked like Pete was never coming back.

 The boys have to be chained up out front, they won't stay in the yard. The girls won't leave the yard so they get lucky and are unchained.

Sadly the girls don't really care to be out there, but they loved watching from the window.

                                          What a fun morning they had
                                                     Good Dogs

Monday, October 29, 2012


                                            Who loves bananas?

                 He was just sitting there just waiting for me to catch him
                                                 He's a Good Boy

Friday, October 26, 2012


                                    Betty telling all her secrets

                                                     Good Dogs

Thursday, October 25, 2012

365 Posts

 Wow, I cannot believe that I have posted 365 posts. When I started this blog it was really so I could have something to send to Chris 5 days a week while he was in boot camp. I wanted to make him laugh without making him home sick. I really never thought anyone else would read it.
                                 A lot has happened in this last year.
Chris graduated from boot camp
And moved to Tennessee.
Emily was born

We got Abby

Tom & Victoria & Guy moved to Austin

Amy got a kitten

Amy raced her first bike race

Amy got her first apartment by herself
Grandpa had hip surgery

Had visitors from New York


New York
 New York

Grandpa had heart surgery

Chris came home for visit for the first time,since moving to TN

Triplets turned 3

Jake had surgery

Our first over night pet sitters happened
Good Dogs
A trip to Austin

Jake had to stay in the hospital 4 day due to a Toxic ingestion

Chris came back for a 2nd visit

Emily turned 1

 We feel so bless to have had such a wonderful year. We already have big family travel plans in the making for next year. I'm so excited to see what next year offers us.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


 Some of you may remember I got a treadmill to try and get Jake to run on it, while Pete was out of town. Jake usually gets in trouble if he's not worn out. Elvis liked the treadmill, Jake is terrified of it. Well, I started using it, the first one broke, and I liked it so much I got a better one and have been walking on it almost everyday for a few months now. I have never walked ALL the dogs before. Pete always does it in the early morning. Well I did it. I walked them ALL, not together of course (I was afraid they would be to strong together). It was funny after the first time they expected it every morning till Pete got home,then they wanted him to go. They like to get up early.

                                 Jake likes to run his face along the grass
 Thanks to Pete they are pretty easy to walk. In the house when they see a
C A T out the window or in the yard they go crazy, but on their leash they don't even notice them.

We passed this C A T and the boys did not even care
And this cute C A T was just sitting in the street, again no reaction from the dogs

And Abby is not afraid of big trucks when she is on the leash

Lucy thought she was walking me, she did this every time
               Lucy loves smelling flowers even though they make her itchy

I enjoyed walking them, and when it gets just a little cooler, I'm gonna start walking them in the afternoon, maybe i'll even try to walk them all together.
                                        What Good Dogs

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


 I thought I'd show some of Pete and Chris's California trip. They started at Sequoia National Park and ended up in Carpinteria State Beach. These pictures were them climbing half dome in Yosemite  National Park. I think they were crazy to do this, but I'm REALLY afraid of heights. That's kinda why I did not go.

Half Dome

On his way up
Still going up
8 miles up almost there
Finally reached the start of the real climb
This kinda makes my stomach queasy
And this just scares me
The real climb, YIKES
The top, I was surprised at how many people were up there 
They made it
I have no words for this, I just don't understand  TERRIFIED 
About half way down 
This is what we did while they were climbing
Good Dogs
 Although I've always wanted to go to Yosemite. I must admit I was happy to have not gone on this trip. I am just to afraid of heights. We have lived in Arizona for 17 years and I have never been to the Grand Canyon, all the family has but me. To scared.