Friday, April 8, 2011


   It makes me sad that both the boys picked Pete for the chosen one, of course they'll take me when he's gone. I'll take that. They pretty much follow him everywhere if he sits down, so do they. He takes them running every other day early in the morning,and every time, the commotion that it causes is crazy, Jake gets so excited, Pete can hardly get ready, from my sleep all I hear is Jake get down, Jake get back, Jake wait a minute, hang on boys let me get ready, and finally they get out the door, and I fall back asleep.ahhh.

   The boys and some times Lucy, sleep next to our bed on Pete's side. When it's time to get up and I said he gets up early, the boys are waiting for him, never fails Jake jumps right on top of Pete to make sure he's gonna get up. That's when i'm lucky they don't want me, he never even comes close to landing on me at 5 am. After they run or on the days off from running, when Pete goes to work they always get in bed with me, Betty whose usually already there, Jake and Elvis, Lucy likes her own bed, and having been up for 3 hours they are ready for a nap.  Oh how I love when they snuggle with me.

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  1. Fro, this is every thing... this is just like my house, and now Codys... He called me the other day and said, Mom is it just me or does everyone, byse toys or something for there dogs everytime they go to the store. I just started laughing. I love the pictures of both of them in the same chair with Pete