Thursday, March 31, 2011

Everyone else

Having 4 dogs is a big deal, they require a lot, at least mine do because they are so spoiled.
Steve & Sheila
 We also have 2 tortoises that are 8 yrs old, we had to separate them almost 2 years ago because they mated and had babies, we were lucky enough to find a great tortoise rescue to take them. We also have 2 water turtles, and a pond with fish.Thats the animals.
Big Mama & Cooter & Fish

  I have 4 young adult children 3 boys 21,24,27 yrs old, and 1 daughter 25 yrs old, 1 daughter inlaw, and triplet 2yr old grand babies and a husband. I'm a stay at home mom with the animals these days. My youngest just left for the Army on Monday. The middle boy still lives a home.We all get together often, 2 of them also have dogs. Cooper he's a 2yr old lab mix and Coco  she is a 6 yr old lab mix, that come over sometimes and it's pretty crazy around here.
Sean & Audrey & Tucker
Chris & Tom
Mike & Sarah
Pete & Jake
Carol & Elvis & Jake

first time

Well I said I'd never do this but I wanted to post pictures of my dogs so here I am.
I have 4 dogs all labs, the oldest is Lucy, she is an 11 yr old black lab,she's over weight, and losing her hair,she is very mellow these days although from time to time she still acts like a puppy.
 Betty is next she is 6 yr old yellow lab, big girl, afraid of most things, almost always a good girl.
 Then I have 2 silver boys, they are 2 yrs old, they are a handful, I would not have it any other way,
We got Elvis first he alone was a handful not wanting to be kennel trained, he trained us to let him out, and if we leave him alone too long he don't like it and wets all over the house.But HE'S A GOOD BOY.
Then we got Jake HE"S A GOOD BOY about 6 months ago from the breeders web site, who turned out to be Elvis's true litter brother.We actually have pictures of them together when we picked Elvis out at 5 weeks old. We figured it was meant to be. Oh yeah they know they are brothers. they do everything together.