Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grrrrrrrrr Another bad boy

  This happens all day long. Jake wants to go outside, or come inside he wants it right now. He scratches at the back screen door and has figured out how to open it up. And so when I get to it it's open. I really hate letting flies in. Pete came home for lunch yesterday, it happened 3 times while eating in 15 minutes, happened another 6 times throught the day.                                                                                                              

 I started taking pictures of it when I find it open, here are just a few. When I go out looking for him I usually find him staring into the pond area, sometimes he's in the pond, but mostly he's just staring at it.
  Yesterday  big mama the turtle, decide she wasn't afraid of Jake, there is a fence between them, and came out of the water right in front of him, and Jake went right for her, trying to take her head off, right  in front of me, good thing the fence is up...  GRRRRRRRRRR

 I would look into a doggie door, but I fear he'd come in the house wet after being in the pond, and we really have to monitor Elvis outside with the poop bars, which we pick up very quickly, cause trust me that's  better then cleaning up the mess after he gets them. THEY ARE GOOD BOYS

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  1. this is realy nice, I didnt see any fence tho.... he loves that turtle... O my goodness