Thursday, March 31, 2011

Everyone else

Having 4 dogs is a big deal, they require a lot, at least mine do because they are so spoiled.
Steve & Sheila
 We also have 2 tortoises that are 8 yrs old, we had to separate them almost 2 years ago because they mated and had babies, we were lucky enough to find a great tortoise rescue to take them. We also have 2 water turtles, and a pond with fish.Thats the animals.
Big Mama & Cooter & Fish

  I have 4 young adult children 3 boys 21,24,27 yrs old, and 1 daughter 25 yrs old, 1 daughter inlaw, and triplet 2yr old grand babies and a husband. I'm a stay at home mom with the animals these days. My youngest just left for the Army on Monday. The middle boy still lives a home.We all get together often, 2 of them also have dogs. Cooper he's a 2yr old lab mix and Coco  she is a 6 yr old lab mix, that come over sometimes and it's pretty crazy around here.
Sean & Audrey & Tucker
Chris & Tom
Mike & Sarah
Pete & Jake
Carol & Elvis & Jake

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  1. I love it... And yes your very good at it. Your friend Debbie