Thursday, May 17, 2012


 Well Jake is home. I was so surprised at how much pain he had the first day. I guess I should not have been, he did have major surgery. I got him home and it was 6 and a half hours before he would lay down. I called the vet (a few times) they said that was normal. He was very drowsy, and obviously hurting. He laid down 5 minutes before Pete got home,and once Pete was home Jake stayed down. This has been really hard with 4 other dogs that don't understand why Jake gets 3 Tbsp of food every 3 hours, of course Jake don't understand why they get to eat and he does not. Thank goodness for baby gates.

He doesn't want to move
Elvis will you hold me up? I'm hurting
 I've been keeping his leash on him in the house & outside that seems to help control him, he did want to get on the couch, but I've made him a comfy bed with a crib mattress in front of the love seat. That seems to have work and he likes laying there.

Right after dad came home, finally alseep
 Today the third day he seems a little better, He is HUNGRY we have up his food to 5 Tbsp, he seems to be doing fine with that. However he won't drink any water. Another call to the vet and we decided to add a little chicken broth to the water YUM he likes that, but that is still the only way he will drink anything. We are decreasing the chicken broth every time he gets it, we'll see what happens. I'm sure I'll call the vet tomorrow if he still won't drink.

 He did want to lay out in the sun. It's about 102 degrees today and he likes to lick while in the sun, so I didn't let him stay out to long. So far he has only had to wear the CONE  while sleeping (we are kenneling him at night time) ,but  I think that will change soon, today he seemed to know when I was not paying attention and started licking his incision. I'm not letting him out of my sight with out it, the vet said he'd have those staples out in seconds, we don't want that. I'm gonna keep the CONE  off as long as I can as he won't get the staples out till next Wednesday.

He is still taking some pretty strong medicine every 8 hours. Tomorrow (Thurs) we are gonna cut him back and see if he can handle that.

                       Beware the picture below is graphic 

I counted 30 staples

Here are a couple of videos I got of him right after he got home. I thought he'd lay down if he was in a  kennel (we have never put him in a kennel). I was wrong, all it did was make me worry he'd fall over and hurt his tummy. He was very wobbly.

 I think the other dogs are feeling a little left out, as I've been so focused on Jake, so we'll be back to blogging next week sometime. I'm gonna spend some time  to help the others not feel left out, and take care of Jake. It's kinda of a lot of work.

True love,
Abby(not in the picture) is in front of the kennel, they are all sticking together
                                           What Good Dogs


  1. aww he's a good boy! and they are good dogs who love their perfect little Jakey boy. :) <3-a

  2. Aawwwww Jake, your poor little man. It's just awful to see you like this. We have all paws crossed that you will soon be feeling better. Sending you gentle hugs, little smoochie kisses and healing slobber. Take care mate. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  3. Hey, Labs - especially Jake! We came from Stella and Rory's blog to wish Jake a speedy recovery. And that he's learned his lesson about eating anything that makes him into a grass compactor. Jed is in and out of the Cone on a regular basis [due to licking his legs until they grow sores], so he is most sympathetic. He's also had more surgeries than our Abby, so he knows the value of good pain relief.

    Get well soon, Jake!

    Jed & Abby

  4. Hi. Stella & Rory sent us over. So glad Jake is getting better. He's a beautiful boy; Mum says she's never seen a silver Lab before! All the best mate. Deccy x

  5. Hi Jake Stella and Rory sent me over to wish you a fast recovery. You sure are a handsome guy. My paws are crossed for you new friend. And I look forward to following your adventures. Take it easy and get better.

  6. Jake, buddy! We sure were sorry to hear about your emergency surgery! Please try not to mess with your incision = trust me, I know how tempting it is, but ask me why I was in a cone for like 6 months after major surgery...
    Feel better, pal!
    Play bows,