Monday, May 21, 2012


            Thank you to Stella & Rory for the  POTP on their blog, for Jake .
                     We really appreciate everyone's  well wishes.
 Jake is getting better. He's has been unusually good, he knows he has to lay down and he has been doing that. I am proud to say that between Pete and I not letting him alone for a second and keeping him on a leash, taking an idea from Hound Girl and at times actually leashing him to us, we have not had to put the CONE on him except to sleep at night. He has not really tried to bother the staples, we are scheduled to have the them out on Wednesday. Hopefully we can make till then with out the CONE.

  It has surprised me that it's been both Elvis and Betty to stick by him, seems he always has one of them right next to him.

 And on Sunday we let him get up on the couch, with Pete and watch the bike race, he seemed to really love that.
Pete watched the race Jake fell a sleep
Pete has been walking him just a little with Lucy, and he's been okay with that. I really think he's doing great. The doctor said another week of no jumping or rough play, hopefully we will be able to keep him from any of that.

                                                   Good Dogs


  1. I am so glad Jake is getting better. MOM says you are a miracle worker for keeping him calm with no ruff play and jumping. hen the doc said I had to stay calm for a while she had a difficult time making me do that. MOM just loved the photos of the pack sticking with Jake.

  2. Oh gosh, I am sorry I missed the last couple posts. Poor Jake. My paws are crossed that he heals quickly.

    Your pal, Pip