Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Something New

 As most of you know Pete usually runs the dogs everyday, but he(Pete) has hurt his knee and has not been able to run them as much. He walks them about a mile sometimes two almost everyday, but they kinda need more.

When Jake doesn't get enough exercise, he tends to get himself in trouble, he has much more energy than the other dogs. So I thought I try something new. Well it's not really new, I got it used, but it's new to us.

A treadmill
 I really had only Jake in mind when I got it, and I really thought he'd love it cause he's not afraid of much and he likes to run fast. As it turns out they are all interested in it because there are treats involved, okay not Lucy she could care less, and really Betty would never get on it because it makes to much noise for her, she wants the treats though. Abby thought she could just sit on it and get treats

Abby sitting for treats

Elvis likes it
And Jake, well he wants the treats, but nothing to do with the treadmill. I have only worked with him a couple of times, I'm sure in time he will like it, but for now it's Elvis who wants to do it. Of course Elvis will do anything for a treat. Even run on a treadmill.

Sorry about the barking Abby in the back ground I gated her out and she wanted treats also.
                                            What Good dogs


  1. Sorry about your knee Pete. You should get together with our Dad. Same problem and he's off to get scans today. We reckon its cause he's getting a bit old hehe. Love the treadmill. Hope Jake gets to like it. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  2. What a cool idea! The dogs I'm sure love it especially when days the weather is not good or safe to walk in. Hope your leg gets better fast!