Thursday, April 12, 2012


 This is what happens when I go off and leave Elvis and 1- it's early morning, he likes to drink a lot of water in the morning, or 2- I did not get him to do his business before I left, or 3- he is unhappy about being left alone. This used to happen a lot when he was younger. He has recently been able to go about 5 hours, but not yesterday morning.  Here's a tour of my living room.

So it starts and stops here
And it continues on 
Then he walks a little ways on to the floor
Nope he comes back to the carpet
He's between the love seat and coffee table
The other end of the coffee table headed to the middle of the living room
Looks like he stop for a second, in the middle of the room
Back along the couch to the beginning 
He says he did not mean to do it
Okay, it was early, he did drink a little bit of water, but he did go out before I left, and I only left him for 3 hours. Maybe he really did not want me to leave. Sigh
                                       He's a Good Boy


  1. Oh, Master Squigs! He had such a good success streak going too :( Poor Elvis! He just missed his mama!

  2. Well... err.... umm....
    I think he might have some artistic talent, though.

  3. Oh Elvis, what a trail of evidence hehehe. Sorry we laughed but that's cause we didn't have too clean it up! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory