Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jake's Bed

       We finally made Jake his own bed, since he seems to like Lucy's so much.

Jake followed Pete around like he knew this was for him

Pete made this one a little stronger by adding a middle leg
He was not sure about it

I put a blanket on it he seemed to like it better
24 hrs later I thinks he likes it now

                                                 He's a Good Boy
 These are Coolaroo replacement pad, that I got off Amazon for cheap. Then we made the frames, thought it would cheaper that way, but turns out it was about the same if we'd have just bought Coolaroo's with frames.Oh well these just have some love put into them. We do not know if they really help with cooling the dogs, we kinda of made them to help Lucy with her elbow's, and they have helped her a lot.


  1. Those DO look pretty cool-a-roo! :)
    I hope you like it, Jake! Mom is going to look into one of those for me!
    Play bows,

  2. Jake mate, we are glad you have your own bed now. Enjoy. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  3. Jake - so glad you have your new bed, looks nice and your daddy did a great job!