Tuesday, April 3, 2012


 I spent some time last weekend at Amy's house. I got to know Ofie (Ofelia) a little, she is getting big. She can't come to our house, and since I've never really been around cats, so it was nice to kinda get to know her. She is so cute, yes I'm still afraid of cats, they have claws and will use them, but I did have fun, she is very entertaining.

She loves to be touching Amy
I set this bag on the floor an within a second she was in it
Amy had to put a collar with a bell on her to keep track of her

She has a zillon toys and likes the straw best
Amy is really her favorite though

                                              She is a Good Kitty


  1. goshh she is CUTE in pictures. :) <3-A

  2. She is totally adorable!!!!
    Our mom has never been around cats, either, but my kit-cat friends in the neighborhood are helping her learn about them!
    Play bows,