Tuesday, January 10, 2012


 Yea! We picked her up last night, We did not get her on Sunday, Tom & Victoria and Guy are moving to Austin, TX,  Wednesday morning, so we had a house full, and I didn't want her to be freaked out by it. She came last night and it could not have been easier. All of the dogs were so good. As I write this, they are all laying around me, like she has been here forever. Pete just walked her this morning, with Lucy, but he said he'd see if she a runner and can run with him.  I promise pictures of that. We were told someone had shaved Abby ? To keep her cool ?.  I am looking forward to her fur growing back to see if she has long or short hair, and how much more beautiful she is with all her fur.

Jake was very gentle 

She loves Tom, all dogs do

Betty says Hi

She is not scared
Elvis wants her bed

He still wants her bed
Okay he will take it later
This morning going back to bed
Abby & Betty this morning

Lucy did say hi last night Lucy just doesn't like the camera to much,but she seems fine with her.        What Good Dogs they all were


  1. Ha rooooo! Congratulations to Abby!!!! I really don't get the shaving dogs who don't have "meant to be shaved" coats. It does NOT help keep us cool, in fact, it can lead to a whole lot of skin problems, heat problems, and sun burn! I was partially shaved when I escaped from my past life - it was horrible!
    Good luck, Abby! You sure do look right at home!
    Play bows,

  2. Hellooooo Abby. We think you have found the best home for sure. All those mates to be with and lounges to squeeze onto. Yay. Can't wait to see more of you. Good family!! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory