Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wrongly Accused

 Poor Jake, he gets blamed for everything, okay most of you know his track record. He's fast at what he does, and I'm sorry to say, he's all most always the guilty one, but I will from now on, I will not be so quick to blame him for certain things . He is a Good boy

                                                The Guilty one

 Yes can you believe it, sweet, ever so spoiled Elvis. I got up early the other day and found his dad, yup, Pete, letting Elvis clear out the recycling to lick clean the bottom of the can. Pete's reasoning for letting it happen EVERY morning, is that it's very early and it gives him a chance to drink his coffee before they get all hyper to run. Elvis was not at all bothered by me standing there taking pictures, I guess he thinks he's allowed to do this.

The first can

Second can
Jake, wait for Elvis to drop things so he can lick them

Little box
That tiny little bottle cap
Third can
Roll the fourth can out over the top
Nope fourth can fell back in, so he's getting it out

                How could I tell him no?  I went back to bed, it was way to early.
                                         Pete says "But he's a Good Boy"


  1. Oh Elvis, what a good dog. Its always good to recycle and you are just showing how its done. We think you should get extra treats for helping too!!! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  2. Nice work! Thanks so much for your good wishes for my health. I am trying my very best to get well.

    Your pal, Pip