Friday, January 27, 2012


 When we feed the dogs around here it's crazy, Jake barks while we get his bowl ready, Abby has decided to bark with him. Then she goes to hides while they eat. First we set Jake's down, then Elvis get his, we turn walk about 3 steps, put the girls bowls down. THE BOYS ARE DONE NOW. They just inhale it, I  even got a special bowl to try and slow the eating down nothing works. The girls eat fairly quick also. Abby is so use to taking her time  she eats very slow. At first I was like WOW she is never gonna get any food with the boys around, so now when she is ready to eat, we just gate the others out and she's okay, she eats a little, drops a little on the floor, will go off and get a drink, come back and finish it off.

LaLa taking her time
                  Abby is in no hurry to eat, and it's okay with us, it's kinda funny.
                                                  She's a Good Girl
We have company in town for a while so forgive us if we get a little busy to blog.


  1. Me and Zim are very neat eaters. We'd be more than happy to come clean that floor around you, Abby!

  2. You have a lab that is a slow eater????? What the heck is happening with that? Our two are like vaccum cleaners too. Not a speck left and they don't chew, just inhale. See ya soon, no worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

  3. I am a very messy eater.

    Your pal, Pip