Friday, January 20, 2012

Play Time

  Yesterday morning Abby started getting vocal. Barking,  who knows why, she is finding herself I guess. She seemed to bark more when the boys  were playing, so when the boys were out side I decided to give the girls toys, Lucy wanted nothing to do with playing today, but Abby & Betty were happy to play especially with the boys outside.

These toys were in a bag that came with Abby, so none of the dogs here had smelled these toys, Abby seemed happy. Well eventually the boys came in, they knew as soon as they were in the girls had something they wanted. The boys were very respectful of the girls with their toys, so I gave them toys, also from Abby's bag.
Elvis checking Abby's toy out
Elvis wanting Betty's toy
Jake wanting Betty's  toy
Jake checking out Abby's toy
The boys would rather play tug of war
Betty hiding her toy from the boys
                       Elvis figured Abby's done so he's moving in for the take

Got it

Abby does not care he took it she is happy for her first real play time
Oh no tug of war outside
Jake wins
It's over
Abby's happy she made through her first rough play time
                                             What Good dogs


  1. Abby does look pretty happy!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. You're VERY good puppies not to scrap over toys and taking toys away from each other and stuff!!!
    Play bows,