Friday, July 22, 2011

Vibrating Update

                                        We love this collar. Yes it works

   We don't use the auto setting, because we use it for multiple problems, barking, jumping in the pond, stuff like that. so the manual setting works best for us. The only thing with that is you have to be ready, you have to have the remote in your hand and ready, if it's in my pocket, it's to late. Although Jake doesn't wear it often,  he's pretty consistent on the times he needs it. So when he does wear it, I keep the remote at my finger tips, or carry it around in my hand. Some would think this is too much, but for me it's good. The only problem is it is not water proof.

So here's the new one. I let Jake outside and didn't stay out with him, and he knows what he can do, if I don't stay outside with him, yep he got in the pond with it on..... when he got to the back door I noticed he was wet, and couldn't figure out why he was acting so weird. Poor thing when it got wet, the vibrating started and stayed on, so it was just vibrating like crazy, he wasn't hurt, just scared, I think, and he's been in the pond since, so it did not scare him too much.
  I'm am so glad we got a new one... while we waited on the new one to get here, the barking was out of control with Jake.. he likes to bark at most things out front...I really wish they would make this one water proof.. I'm so glad it was NOT a shock collar when he got it wet.....

                                    He's a GOOD BOY

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