Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 2 Dog Sitting

I'm still out of town so this is an edited update is from my son Mike.

28 JULY 2011

day two

Dear Grandma,

Not much to report here. Tortoise is back in her pen, and the doggies are great. The boys roughhoused a little in the morning but mostly everyone just chilled out all day.
"Hey ... is that a basketball in there?!?! Can we go in??" -Betty
"No, dogs."

"Pleeeeeeease?" - Elvis
"I don't think so."

"Cool with me." - Lucy
The babies are looking forward to everyone coming home, especially Uncle Chris. We went to Scouts tonight and everyone got suckers. They had to sit on the tile to finish them at home because they were sticky messes.

Sorry you have strep throat. :( Hope you're taking good care of that boy of ours. We're all so proud that he was the DISTINGUISHED SOLDIER for his whole platoon.

We spotted you and Dad, too!

Love you,
Mikey Mook

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  1. Distinguished Soldier?!!? HOOAH!!! Way to go!
    Play bows,