Wednesday, July 6, 2011


  Oh yeah, it's monsoon season. When we first moved to Arizona 15 yrs ago the monsoons were crazy, lots of rain, lighting, thunder, dust every day of the season. It was big time, in the last 8 years they have not been much to talk about, not a lot of rain, but a lot of wind, and wind brings dust,  does it ever.
  Yesterday I said how Betty was so much better with the fourth of July, and she was, then last night when the monsoon hit, actually it was just a dust storm, she got a little scared and wanted Pete to hold her, so he did, for a little bit. The storm passed and she was fine
  This storm  according to the news was 2 miles high,50 mile wide, with 60 mile an hour winds, no rain for us just dirt. Pete and I watched it roll in it was awesome.

                                         What a GOOD GIRL

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