Friday, June 3, 2011


  So my sister Pam is here for vacation, she comes every year. Pretty easy having her come, she loves being out at the pool VERY relaxing huh.....
This picture of Pam is about 3 yrs old
            Well you'd think so, but we've never had Jake when she's come before.

                                       Guess what Jake can do????

 HE CAN OPEN THE POOL GATE, and let himself and Betty, who'd been waiting patiently for him to get it open, into the pool, where Pam happened to be sleepily floating on the raft. And they did not make a sound until
and they were in the water. And this would have been no big deal, she would have been dumped off the raft into the chilly water from a VERY relaxed state, and ushered them out, to raise her heart beat well above normal.
    Except Jake was chained up. He jumped in though and got his leg tangled up with the chain and it was chocking him he was not going to able to get himself out of it.
   I heard something happing out there from inside, but would not have gotten there in time. Thankfully she was there and was able to get him out, although it wasn't easy and she was terrified, she did get him out. Betty of course wasn't gonna save him, she was busy putting a hole in Pam's just blown up this mornings raft.

  Pam's heart rate is back to normal now.  The dogs still really want to go swimming with her. So we finally put the lock on the pool gate. I'll get her a new raft and she'll be back swimming tomorrow like normal.
                             Wait whats normal around here??

                                                            GOOD DOGS?

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  1. Oh my gosh sounds crazy. I'm glad everyone's okay!