Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Betty's new best friends

                               Oh boy has Betty got new best friends.

                                                        It's Pete, Elvis, Jake

  She has known them all along, Pete's feeling bad for her, she needs more exercise than she's been getting. Chris use to run with her, but he's in the Army now, and she's only been for short walks and a run once, since he left. Well Pete has figured out he can run with all 3 of them. Elvis, Jake, Betty, just crazy I think but, he says it's not to bad and she really needs it, and really enjoys it.
   I have notice a huge difference in her and the boys, she is sticking to them kinda like a little sister, although she's older and bigger. The boys seem to like it also.They are all playing much better these days kinda including her more. Thank goodness for Pete she doesn't want to be in his lap also.

                                                What GOOD DOGS

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