Monday, June 13, 2011


  Our house is usually busy, we have 4 dogs, we also have adult children and grand children, that seem to come and go a lot. Which is something we really enjoy a lot.
  This weekend My oldest son decided he'd bring his dog Cooper over with them, that way they can stay longer. He use to do this all the time, until we got Jake, and I'm sure you already know Jake's a bit of a handful, so they have been leaving him at their house.

 Everything went pretty good, oh there was the usual 3 male dog roughness, but not the all out wild it's been in the past. Lucy just stayed in her bed, she didn't want any part of the dogs today. Betty kinda held back herself, not really sure about 3 males.We kept a very close eye on them all day.
Everyone went swimming. I had to run an errand, so I when I left they all said
                       "WE'LL PUT THE GATES UP",        AND THEY DID
 then they went outside to swim, but not before double checking to make sure the GATES WERE UP, left the dogs in the house with the GATES UP to keep the dogs out of the kitchen. well,
                                     THEY ARE SMART DOGS.........................

  Yes they figured out how to get around the gate, Luckily for us they did not get the dinner that was simmering on the stove top, or get burnt trying to get it. I'm pretty sure Jake and Cooper are the masterminds and  Elvis looks the guiltiest because he's the one we would have trusted not to do this. I know Lucy,or Betty had nothing to do with this at all.
                                     GOOD DOGS?

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