Thursday, May 26, 2011


       Still trying to keep them busy, it was along night last , Elvis drank too much water yesterday, so we got up every 2 hours to go out, and the boys wanted to get up at 5 am.( I don't like 5 am). Now I know why Pete does not fill their water up first thing in the morning. Before noon they drank 2&1/2 gallons of water then another 1 &1/2 through the day. They have done much better today, so hoping for a good night tonight.
  Yesterday I took them swimming. They had so much fun. We are gonna go again today, if it's not to hot. YES I put sunblock on the boys, cause you know their fur is kinda thin, okay they don't really have a lot of fur.


This is as far as Lucy went
Elvis jumping in

Betty jumped in FIRST TIME EVER
Elvis looking like a seal
Elvis shaking like Elvis
Elvis loves to just jump in

Lucy didn't really feel like swimming, the water may have been a little cold for her, and for the first time ever I think, she didn't bark like crazy at the other dogs that were swimming.
                                   What GOOD DOGS

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