Monday, May 16, 2011

Pond Update

  Well I said I was the one working on the waterfall part of the pond, guess what. FAILURE, so we take it apart again. I guess, Pete thought since I was working on the waterfall, I knew what I was doing.                          WRONG.
   Anyway we have torn it apart again, have to redesign the whole flow thing, and not use the stupid plastic molds. FUNNY, Chris has been trying to get me to throw away those molds for years.

 Jake cannot stop focusing on the water turtles, while out in the back yard. It doesn't help that she is just not afraid of him, she swims right up, and climbs out, right where he's standing, staring at her.
He did draw blood under her chin, by scraping his teeth on her mouth as she was pulling back from him, and he found her out of the pond looking for a place to lay eggs and I caught him flipping her around, he did flip her back in the water. Luckily she is okay.

 I really hate the thought of having this big beautiful back yard and he has to be chained up, and he's the only one chained up. It's really sad. Of course he barks like a fool, when i'm doing something out there, and he can't get close to me. So then I have to put him inside, how sad. I do not know how to redirect his focus. I'm really afraid he's gonna hurt her, or worse. He's not really being a GOOD BOY.

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