Tuesday, May 3, 2011


 You have to have patience, to have 4 dogs. Our dogs are so spoiled they require a lot of attention. It's not as much work, for multiple people, but for 1 person it's a little work.
Pete left over night for a bike race. Tom went out, Jake and Elvis spent the their time trying to bark them back

 This morning I woke at 5 am, to Elvis & Jake eating paper cups, a little later, it was the the garbage, Jake, ate some food and it's plastic, then he ate a foil snack from Pete's nightstand, Pete forgot to pack in his bag. Snapped at me for trying to get it, he does not like giving back his finds.  A little later he jumped in the pond to chase the turtle who was sunning on the rock, I chased him out, then he jumped in the tortoise enclosure to gulp tortoise poop, which he dropped  in the yard and they all feasted on, before I was able to get to them. They ran through the back screen door, hoping they'd find someone was out front, and there was no one. Jake ate grass threw up, I cleaned it up, the other dogs think thats treats for them,  he ate more grass threw up again , and it's not 11 am yet.
4 dogs is a lot of work.


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