Friday, May 27, 2011

And Again

 Yea!! they got to swim again. What fun they had. Jake, Betty just swim around, kinda doing laps. Elvis spends the whole time jumping in, he gets out, he jumps in, and he does this over and over. It's really funny. They are kinda like kids, some like to jump in, some like to just swim, but you always have to watch them.
                                   They are GOOD DOGS

  Lucy really didn't feel like swimming again,and again she did NOT bark at the other dogs. What a GOOD GIRL she is.
 I must have worn them out yesterday, they slept all night and did not get up till 6 this morning.

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  1. Good girl Lucy!!!!! Our Golden Kasey really loves jumping in the water haha. Do you have any pool toys for them??