Monday, July 23, 2012

Desert Living

 We live in the desert, it's hot and dry here most of the time. Right now we are in our rainy season, Monsoon season, rains like crazy for short times, with lots of lightning & thunder. Seems the last couple of years the monsoons have turned into what they call a  Haboob. A huge dust storm. I had never heard of a haboob till 2 years ago. Now seems like it happens here pretty often. I got some pictures of it coming in and thought I'd share them today. In the past, they have only brought dirt, this storm had a little rain come in behind it, that helps wash away the dirt.

At first I thought something might have been on fire
It really is just a wall of dust
This is looking one direction
And I turned and this was the other direction
It's was moving fast
Yuck,  dirt
This is it just as it's about to engulf us
Betty's a good girl, she was so scared
 We were happy to have a little rain behind this dust storm, it washed away lot of the dirt, but as always it leaves behind quite a mess.


  1. Holy Dog I would be scared too! I don't think I would like to experience that.

  2. I saw a similar dirt storm moving through Dallas when I was visiting there one year. Not quite as dense but gosh, it was scary. I hope no more of those come your way.

  3. Wowzers! That's really cool-looking! You know ... in a scary way and all. Mom said they had monsoon season in Korea, but it was rain, rain, rain, nothing but rain for a solid month. We've never seen a dust storm like that (well, Dad has, but that was during the first Gulf War...); we appreciate you sharing your photos!
    Play bows,