Friday, July 27, 2012

Come Home

                                            Hi friends, it's me Jake

 Our mom and dad said something about going away for the weekend for 87 billion yrs and leaving us with pet sitters all lone for the first time ever.
                                            WTF does that mean?
 Yeah sure mom has been saying things like we will be fine and we will be fed and someone will let us out and not to worry about bed time someone will be here. She is kidding right, no way she would leave us with a pet sitter all by ourselves.
 Oh the things I could get into, the counters, pond, tortoise encloser.....Wait
I know my mom and no way she just wouldn't do it.

Okay jokes over, you can come back now. It's been like 57 hours where are they?

        Where are they, WE DEMAND YOU COME HOME, We are Good Dogs


  1. Awwww...Lightning and Thumper went through the same experience lately. Once they recover from the trauma (haha), I think they may like to share their stories. Be good dogs and stay away from that tortoise encloser!

  2. Oh No! On the bright side at least they did not put you in jail. {shutter} Sure hope you find something to do to make time fly by.

  3. But... but... but... who will you snuggle with on the couch?!!? This is just horrible! You poor guys!!! All alone for 87 billion years!!??!!! Hang in there, friends.
    Gotta go - my mom left the room and I miss her already. I have to go find her.

  4. Uh oh - sounds like you will be tag teamed (or mauled) when you get back from your vacation! Hope it was worth it! ;)