Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gotcha Day

I totally spaced on Abby's Gotcha Day, it was yesterday, we have had her a full year now. She has changed a lot. When she came to us, she was shaved and very shy. I am happy to say she has beautiful thick while fur, and she is no longer shy. In fact she is very vocal. Her favorite thing to bark about is biscuits,                  
                                               THE BISCUIT JUNKIE

When she first came to us, she really didn't know the joys of hanging outside, now she will hang outside but she is still not sure what to do while out there, mostly she just sits and smells in the air.

She has her own bed but some times likes to sleep in between Betty & Elvis
and she's even tried sleeping with Jake

She loves snuggling with Amy

She loves Jake, he always plays gentle with her

She loves kids
She is the best beggar
Not gonna be left out
She loves her daily walks

She has adjusted to being in a pack very well, she has over come her fear of big trucks, and she now hangs out in the living room with us ( instead of the closet). Abby has brought us so much joy, we could not be happier that she came to us. She is a Good Girl and we love her so much


  1. Oh Abby you are a beautiful soul. Happy Gotcha Day!! You sure landed in the perfect home.

  2. Happy Gotcha Day, beautiful girl!!! You've come a long way - and we know you are so very happy in your forever home!!!
    That last picture sure made our mom smile!
    Play bows,

  3. Happy Gotcha Day!

    That is bravery right there - walking all of them at once! Whoa Nelly! ;)