Wednesday, October 24, 2012


 Some of you may remember I got a treadmill to try and get Jake to run on it, while Pete was out of town. Jake usually gets in trouble if he's not worn out. Elvis liked the treadmill, Jake is terrified of it. Well, I started using it, the first one broke, and I liked it so much I got a better one and have been walking on it almost everyday for a few months now. I have never walked ALL the dogs before. Pete always does it in the early morning. Well I did it. I walked them ALL, not together of course (I was afraid they would be to strong together). It was funny after the first time they expected it every morning till Pete got home,then they wanted him to go. They like to get up early.

                                 Jake likes to run his face along the grass
 Thanks to Pete they are pretty easy to walk. In the house when they see a
C A T out the window or in the yard they go crazy, but on their leash they don't even notice them.

We passed this C A T and the boys did not even care
And this cute C A T was just sitting in the street, again no reaction from the dogs

And Abby is not afraid of big trucks when she is on the leash

Lucy thought she was walking me, she did this every time
               Lucy loves smelling flowers even though they make her itchy

I enjoyed walking them, and when it gets just a little cooler, I'm gonna start walking them in the afternoon, maybe i'll even try to walk them all together.
                                        What Good Dogs


  1. I love that Lucy carries her own leash!

    Oh my goodness - Blueberry would NOT have let those cats off the hook - that's so funny that they didn't care!

  2. Your boys are better than me. I see a cat even if I am on a leash and I am off like a rocket, MOM in tow. Can't help it. They really are good boys.

  3. Awwww!!! Lucy made Mom smile! Our sister Stormy used to do that with her leash!!!
    Kudos to your mom for doing the walking duties!
    Play bows,

  4. Well done. Walking with a nice relaxed dog is grreat. They are definitely Good Dogs! No worries, and love, Carol, and Stella and Rory